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The Jensen VM9314 is a high mid-cost car A/V unit.

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iPod interface is nearly flawless, provides total control of the unit

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picture is crisp and detailed, everything very clear

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can't fast-forward through an MP3 track, can only skip it

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player tends to revert to full volume after being powered down

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need a separate EQ when using external amplifiers

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long pause when changing from radio to iPod

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audio pauses for a second when you go into the menus

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The Jensen VM9314 is a high mid-cost car A/V unit. This unit is essentially an in-dash DVD, CD, and MP3/WMA player. This A/V unit is designed with a WinCE platform, which allows it to recognize voice controls for the iPod and iPhone. This means that once you connect your iPod or iPhone to this unit, you will be able to access the media from your device by using voice commands. The VM9314 also has a 7" high definition touchscreen (TFT), for when you want to choose songs and radio stations manually. This A/V unit comes with a HD tuner, which allows you to pick up sound that is higher quality than traditional radio receivers. This unit is also XM ready, Bluetooth ready (BTM15 sold separately), and navigation ready (NAV102 sold separately). The Jensen VM9314 comes with a remote control.

  • Voice control for iPod/iPhone
  • HD radio w/ iTunes tagging
  • Navigation ready (NAV102 GPS system sold separate)
  • Bluetooth ready (BTM15 Bluetooth sold separate)
  • Front panel USB, SD card and aux-in
  • 7" high definition touchscreen TFT
  • DVD play
  • DIN system
  • MP3/WMA
  • Steering wheel control interface (PAC SWI-PS or Metra ASWC - sold separately)
  • Read camera input
  • Front, rear and sub RCA line out
  • 3.5mm A/V cable included
  • Remote control included
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