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The Jensen VM8113 is a low-end to mid-range single-DIN car audio receiver with 3.5" full colour screen.

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good variety of EQ settings, all make a big impact on the tone

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excellent price for an in-dash DVD player

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tuner works well with even weak signals

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remembers where in the movie you left off when you turn the engine back on

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design is sleek and modern, impresses everyone who sees it

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audio output is loud, clear and strong - ideal for OEM speakers, no need for an amp

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installation is fairly simple, can be handled by users with a little experience

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many of the advanced DVD functions are unavailable except through the remote

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sticks out from the dash, won't mount flush on most cars

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The Jensen VM8113 is a low-end to mid-range single-DIN car audio receiver with 3.5" full colour screen. It features a USB port for direct connectivity with iPods and USB storage devices as well as an Aux input for direct playback of mp3 players. Additionally, the VM8113 is compatible with CDs, DVDs and Secure Digital (SD) cards.

The VM8113 sports front and rear USB ports which allow for direct mp3/wma playback by way of any USB flash media storage device while also offering direct iPod interaction, including song/artist information and iPod battery charging. Its Aux input allows the VM8113 to directly interface with any music device with a standard 3.5mm audio jack as well as cellular devices. Meanwhile, the VM8113's disc slot allows for playback of CDs and CD-Rs as well as audio DVD-Rs.


  • 3.5" full colour screen
  • Two USB 2.0 ports for flash drive, iPod compatibility
  • Power management charges iPod while connected
  • Aux port offers support for mp3 players/cellphones
  • CD/CD-R, DVD-R,┬áMP3, WMA, SD card compatible
  • Remote control included
  • 3.5mm A/V cable included
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Mario Aguayo
02/03/2011 01:39

does a dvd movie display on the front 3.5 screen to view while driving.????

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