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The Jensen UV9 is a 7” touchscreen A/V head unit that plays videos, music, and the radio.

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sound output is strong enough to drive after-market speakers well without an additional amp

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good value for the price, plenty of features that are usually only found in far more expensive units

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good clarity, don't get any distortion or loss of quality

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sets up in the dash easily, no surprises along the way

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reading files from the USB key often doesn't work, intermittent functionality

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can't read compressed video files from a DVD

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interface is a little ugly looking, very boxy

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The Jensen UV9 is a 7” touchscreen A/V head unit that plays videos, music, and the radio. A step up from the UV8, this unit not only handles CDs, DVDs, and external media players (3.5mm front A/V input), but it also includes a USB interface that supports most flash memory devices and HDs. Plus, the unit comes equipped with a 160W amplifier, which is more than enough for a user – such as a Mother or Father – looking for family entertainment, but obviously not enough for an automobile audiophile; in which case the user can employ the unit’s front, rear, and subwoofer preamp outputs to hookup bigger, more powerful external amplifiers. Other notable components of the Jensen UV9 include a three-band equalizer, a wireless remote, and a Steering Wheel Control (SWC) interface (PAC SWIPS adapter required).

  • 7” Touchscreen A/V Head Unit
  • Standard Single DIN Size (Fits Any DASH)
  • AM/FM Radio
  • CD/DVD Playback
  • 3-Band Equalizer
  • Front, Rear And Subwoofer Line (RCA) Outputs
  • Two Composite (RCA) Video Outputs For Additional Screens
  • USB Interface
  • SWC Interface (Adapter Required)
  • GPS-Ready (NAV102 Sold Separately)
  • Included 3.5mm Media Adapter Cable
  • Supported Media: DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, USB
  • Supported Formats: MPEG1/2, XviD, CDDA, MP3, WMA, VCD/SVCD, JPEG
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