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The built in Navigation system comes with maps of the US along with millions of points of interest.

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Jensen 6.2" Double Din Navigation Receiver DVD CD Touchscreen Monitor VX7020 DVD/CD receiver, AM/FM tuner and built in bluetooth. 

Jensen has been a master in car audio for years. They continually produce exceptional head units that are able to deliver everything you want. All the head units come with Bluetooth capabilities that allow for connecting your smartphone to your stereo. This allows you to wirelessly stream music with A2DP playback, access your phone book and answer calls without the need for your hands. The high resolution TFT touch screen makes it easy to interact with the stereo, giving you excellent control. All of this is packed into one device that you can simply install in your vehicle. Don’t dive your car around with a stock radio that limits you music options. With Jensen stereos you get the full experience of what your car can offer.

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  • App connectivity for iPhone, Android, & Blackberry
  • Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones
  • High resolution 6.2-inch TFT touch screen
  • Hands free, phone book access and calls
  • Built-in navigation – iGo primo
  • A2DP – music playback for smartphones
  • 5 selectable UI colors and backgrounds
  • Thousands of RGB color options for front panel illumination
  • 6VRMS RCA line output
  • USB/Micro-SD/3.5 mm audio/Video inputs (front panel)
  • Sirius XM ready
  • Pandora Link
  • Made for iPhone and iPod
  • Steering Wheel Control interface (SWC)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it come with all the cables needed to use all the features listed? e.g. gps antenna, ipod cable

    This unit SUPPORTS, but does NOT include, the external XM/Sirius tuner or a back-up camera (has inputs for both). The unit DOES include the GPS antenna and 3 leads in the wiring harness for connecting to and learning standard steering wheel controls. It also includes an external microphone (assumedly for Bluetooth hands-free). It also includes a basic black 1" framing trim faceplate and a remote control with battery.

  • How do you bypass the emergency brake wire connection so you can pick a destination on the GPS without applying the emergency brake?

    You only need to ground the pink wire. You can install a simple toggle switch in-line, in case you see flashing red and blue lights, and need to disable video quickly.

  • Can you use the GPS at the same time as listening to radio? Does the GPS speak the street names?

    Yes the GPS announce the street names after you update the system by contacting manufacture tech support, they will ask for your unit serial number to verify your purchase, then will send you a microSD card with the TTS voice files, follow the instructions, you copy and paste the files into your GPS microSD card on computer, the TTS Pro function will be enabled, you can select those TTS voice files to read the street names.

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