The Jenn-Air JCD2595WES is a mid-range to high-end side-by-side refrigerator similar to the Jenn-Air JCD2395WES.

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The Jenn-Air JCD2595WES is a mid-range to high-end side-by-side refrigerator similar to the Jenn-Air JCD2395WES. The main improvements that the JCD2595WES boasts over the JCD2395WES are an expanded capacity of 24.5 cu. ft. with a larger height of 71 3/4" (as opposed to the JCD2395WES' 23.1 cu. ft. and 68 3/4" height) and a removable base-grille water filter for its water dispenser. Otherwise, the JCD2595WES and JCD2395WES sport the same basic features, including TwinFresh electronic climate control.

The JCD2595WES' 24.5 cu. ft. capacity is divided as 9.6 cu. ft. freezer space and 14.9 cu. ft. fridge space, allowing for a lot of food while things like adjustable door bins and meat/produce and dairy sections ensure everything stays well-organized. Its removable base-grille water filter ensures that water and ice dispensed from the JCD2595WES is as clean and pure as water from similar water filtration systems. Additionally, the JCD2595WES' TwinFresh electronic climate control ensures that its internal temperatures always stay precisely as they were set by way of dual temperature monitors and automatic adjustment.


  • Capacity: 24.5 cu. ft. (14.9 cu. ft. fridge, 9.6 cu. ft. freezer)
  • Dimensions: Depth: 30 1/8 Inches, Width: 35 5/8 Inches, Height: 71 3/4 Inches
  • TwinFresh electronic climate control
  • Monochromatic ice and water dispenser with LCD display
  • Integrated base-grille water filter
  • Specialized food sections (dairy compartments, meat/produce drawer)
  • Adjustable door bins
  • Energy Star qualified
Model Variations
  • Jenn-Air JCD2595WEK - Monochromatic Stainless Cabinet
  • Jenn-Air JCD2595WEP - Pro All Stainless Cabinet
  • Jenn-Air JCD2595WES - Stainless Steel
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