The Cinema 500 is a 5.1 channel surround sound speaker system.

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The Cinema 500 is a 5.1 channel surround sound speaker system. The 4 satellite speakers, central speaker and multidirectional subwoofer bring cinema quality sound into virtually any space. Being stylish and functional makes this system a great addition to any multimedia entertainment system.

The four satellite speakers can be wall mounted or stood around the room and are voice matched to the centre speaker for a consistant sound. These four speakers are taller than in the JBL Cinema 300 system and so may suit a larger room better. The centre and satellite speakers all use midrange drivers to improve efficiency allowing higher volumes and less distortion. In the JBL Cinema 300 only the centre speaker has a midrange driver. The subwoofer in the Cinema 500 has an 8 inch, fast-moving woofer with 150W amplification for realistic directional base to enhance your movie viewing. The subwoofer phase, level, and bass-boost can all be set to the specifics of the room or your own personal preferences. With colour-coded speaker connections and biult-in keyholes on the speakers, this 5.1 channel speaker system is easy to install, yet compact and brings quality sound to movies, music and video.

  • Complete 5.1-channel system
  • Five voice-matched dual midrange satellite speakers
  • 150-watt powered subwoofer
  • Subwoofer phase, level, and bass-boost controls for personal preference
  • 8" fast-moving woofer
  • Down-firing bass driver
  • Frequency response 32Hz - 150Hz
  • Built-in keyholes for easy wall mounting
  • Colour-coded speaker connections
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