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The JBL Cinema 300 brings cinema quality surround sound into the home with a complete 5.1-channel system.

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Compact satellite speakers, easy to position

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Good price / performance ratio for small or medium sized rooms

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All require speaker wires are included with the package

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Simple to setup

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Well priced system

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Thick guage speaker wires might not fit the connectors

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Subwoofer only has LFE and line autio inputs

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Bass response can be muddly

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The JBL Cinema 300 brings cinema quality surround sound into the home with a complete 5.1-channel system. With 6 positional speakers delivering clear sound, including four voice-matched to centre satellite speakers, this compact system enhances any home entertainment system.

The JBL Cinema 300 consists of four voice-matched satellite speakers which provide consistant sound from speaker to speaker building a full 360 degree soundstage. There is also a centre-channel speaker and a 150 watt powered, multidirectional subwoofer adding floor-rumbling bass. The Cinema 300 is very similar to the JBL Cinema 500 with the speakers being more compact in the 300. JBL also recommend limiting the amplifier power to the satellite speakers to 100 watts. The centre speaker in the Cinema 300 has a dual midrange which delivers distinct dialogue and clarity on movie soundtracks.The down firing subwoofer has a fast-moving 8 inch woofer and 150 watts of amplification to draw realistic base out of the movie and into your living room. With the subwoofer being tunable to your own personal preferences and the system fitting into even the most compact rooms, this 5.1-channer speaker system will bring movies, music and videos to life.

  • Complete 5.1-channel system
  • Four voice-matched satellite speakers
  • Dual midrange center speaker
  • Down-firing bass driver
  • 150 watt powered subwoofer
  • 8" fast-moving woofer
  • Personalise subwoofer with phase, level and bass-boost controls
  • Frequency response 32Hz - 150Hz
  • Compact speaker design
  • Built-in keyholes for easy wall mounting
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