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The a-Jays Four is a set of in-ear headphones from Jays that function as an updated version of the company's a-Jays Three model.

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small and lightweight iOS compatible remote - control playback from your iPod/iPad/iPhone without having to take it out

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durable flat-style rubber coated cord, longer than average for comfortable use

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comes with a hard carrying case

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slick aesthetics

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multiple sized interchangeable silicon ear tips to find the most comfortable fit

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built-in microphone for voice commands and talking via the iPhone

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worth the upgrade from standard earphones

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Those who aren't fitted to in-ear earphones or not used to them may find them, or other in-ears, to be uncomfortable.

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not for bassheads

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get painful after a short while

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difficult to find a comfortable fit that seals

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The a-Jays Four is a set of in-ear headphones from Jays that function as an updated version of the company's a-Jays Three model. Optimized for the 4th generation of Apple's iPod, iPhone and iPad multimedia devices, this model features a three-button remote with an integrated MEMS silicon microphone. Users can navigate songs, videos and chapters through a series of single and double-clicks, with a full compliment of voice commands available that range from volume adjustment and time reference to specific album and artist cues. In addition, iPhone users can manage incoming and outgoing calls through the hard buttons or microphone, with wide-band RF noise compression for maximum clarity. Five different pairs of silicone sleeves are included, ranging from XXS to L to ensure a proper fit for all users. The a-Jays Four also utilize a TPU-coated flat cable design that is resistant to tangling, resulting in consistent tonal clarity and an overall longer product life. Engineered for on-the-go applications, an L-shaped plug provides unobtrusive connectivity for pocket and purse device storage. 

  • Matte black aesthetic
  • Optimized for 4th-generation iPods, iPhones and iPads
  • Slim tri-button/microphone peripheral for simplistic song and call support 
  • MEMS silicone microphone technology
  • Includes 5 different silicone sleeves ranging from XXS to L
  • 45-inch TPE-coated flat tangle-free cord
  • L-shaped plug for on-the-go listening
  • Bass-driven voice spectrum technology 
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