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A beautifully slim health and fitness tracker with the smartest app for everyday wellness.

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A beautifully slim health and fitness tracker with the smartest app for everyday wellness. On the outside UP2 is the thinnest, sleekest, most style-savvy tracker out there. On the inside, Smart Coach generates fitness insights and activity plans that make reaching your goals that much easier. And with 10 days of battery life you'll be charging less, and living better.

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  • New lightweight design and hook clasp, available in five colors
  • Easily track your activities and your sleep automatically
  • Get personalized guidance from Smart Coach
  • Smart Alarm silently wakes you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle
  • Syncs wirelessly plus 10 days battery life
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Color Options

  • Black Diamond Rope
  • Gunmetal Hex Rope
  • Oat Spectrum Rope
  • Orchid Circle Rope
  • Turquoise Circle Rope
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Smart Coach

Personalized insights from Smart Coach guide you to make healthier choices every day and deliver the motivation you need to reach your goals.

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Sleep Tracking

Automatically tracks the hours slept and the quality of sleep. You’ll receive insights that will help you improve how you sleep. Your band automatically knows when you go to bed.

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Activity Tracking

The simplest way to track your steps, exercise and overall calories burned throughout the day.

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Food Logging

Set goals, log your meals and use Food Score to get the information you need to improve your diet and reach your ideal weight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you always need your phone Bluetooth connected to this for it to work or can it log with intermittent connections?

    You don't need to have it connected. Your band collects info then when it is within Bluetooth range it auto loads to your phone which needs the Up app.

  • Can you swim with this tracker?

    You can shower with it, but you're not supposed to swim with it.

  • Do you need to buy the charger separately?

    No, it comes with one.

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What's in The Box

  • UP2™ band
  • Quick start guide
  • USB charging cable
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