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An activity tracker that comes with fitness and sleep tracking features.

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Jawbone is entering into the entry-level segment with the launch of the UP Move, an activity tracker that comes with fitness and sleep tracking features. The tracker bridges the gap between the $129 UP24 and the free Up app, and comes with most features offered by Jawbone's higher-end activity trackers in a form factor that delivers six months of battery life.

The water-resistant anodized aluminum body of the Up Move slots into a clip-on dongle that you can attach to a belt loop, or a wrist strap made out of hypoallergenic silicon rubber. The single cell battery is user-replaceable.

The activity tracker lets you easily measure your steps, exercise and calories burned throughout the day, and also tracks number of hours slept and quality of sleep. The tracker even has a watch mode that tells you the time through two embedded LEDs built into the watch face that show the current hour and five-minute interval. A built-in Bluetooth sensor relays information from the tracker to the Up app, which is available for Android and iOS.

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  • Guides you to get fit, lose weight and have fun doing it. Choose your color, clip it on and get moving
  • Tracks steps, exercise, overall calories burned, hours slept and quality of sleep. For best results, wear your UP MOVE on your wrist at night while you sleep
  • Track your food, drink, calories, nutrients and use the UP App Food Score to quickly know if you are eating right
  • Connects you with friends and family so you can reach your goals together or see how you measure up on the team leaderboards
  • Compatible with iOS and Android; Requires installation of free Jawbone UP smartphone app
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Color Options

  • Slate Rose 
  • Blue Burst 
  • Onyx Burst 
  • Ruby Rose
  • Slate Rose
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Style Options

  • Tracker  
  • Tracker with Yellow Slim Strap  
  • Tracker with Gray Thick Strap  
  • Tracker with Onyx Slim Strap
  • Tracker with Onyx Thick Strap
  • Tracker with Purple Thick Strap
  • Tracker with Red Slim Strap
  • Tracker with Purple Thick Strap Bundle
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How UP works

UP App
The road map for all things you.
UP Activity Tracker
Advanced sensors capture how you move, sleep and more. Connect the UP app to your tracker to see the big picture of your health.
Connected Apps & Hardware
Sync the UP app with hundreds of apps and devices to expand and personalize your experience and make UP work even harder for you.
Reach Your Goals
UP helps you make better choices every day. Over time these small victories add up to a whole new you.
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UP App: The Key to unlocking a better you.

Smart Coach
Only the UP system has Smart Coach. It's like a partner in fitness - an intelligent guide that helps you make at least one healthy choice every day. Smart Coach goes well beyond delivering measurements to show you the meaning behind the numbers.
Eat, Sleep, Move
Improve the quality of your days and nights through a deeper understanding of how your diet, sleep, activity and the choices you make affect your health and well-being.
Family and Friends
Get better together. When UP community members have three or more friends on their team, they move at least 10 extra miles a month. That's a lot of calories burned.
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Personalize your path by connecting to your favorite apps and hardware

From counting calories with MyFitnessPal to charting your progress with pregnancy-app Glow, and automatically adjusting your Nest Learning Thermostat to get a better night's sleep, the UP system makes them work for you.

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Reach Your Goals

Get Fit
Take the optimal path to fitness. Whether you're training for a big event or just want to get a few more steps into your routine, UP pushes you to reach your fitness goals with streaks, milestones, idle alerts and more. And because UP is designed around human nature, it knows when to push and when to lay off.
Lose Weight
You'd be amazed what happens when you pay attention to what you eat. Set goals, log your meals and use food score to get the information you need to improve your diet and reach your ideal weight. With UP, self-knowledge is power - and nowhere is it more true than your diet.
Sleep Better
The way you feel is directly related to how well you sleep. Let UP help you make small adjustments to your routine. Once you're getting the right amount of sleep and in the healthy zone for light, deep and REM sleep, you may just find you have a whole new lease on life.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you wear this without carrying your phone and have it sync all the data later with your device?

    Yes, the tracker will hold data then sync via Bluetooth once the iPhone in range & the UP app is launched.

  • Do I need to have a smartphone to use with this tracker? Will the use of my laptop or Kindle work?

    You need to have either an Android or iOS device with Bluetooth enabled. It will not work with a laptop or Kindle reader.

  • How long does the battery last?

    At least 6 months. The battery can be replaced, but this requires removing the unit from the flexible plastic carrier. Carefully pry it out using a small screwdriver or small knife.

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