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"If you want to buy some copper that will truly make you feel good, check out the limited edition copper products from one of our favorite “All American” companies, Jacob Bromwell." — Industry Outsider

Cigar consumption started its rise in the U.S. by the mid-19th century. In fact, legend has it that U.S. President George Washington enjoyed up to 12 a day. Since then, they've become a popular rite-of-passage for smoking chaps everywhere. Our Washington Cigar Holder is a must-have accessory for every cigar aficionado. Handcrafted out of pure, solid copper and available exclusively at, our cigar holder promises to keep that favorite stogey fresh until you're ready to enjoy a smokey treat.

Our pure, solid copper cigar holders are handmade at our workshop.
See how they're made here at our Factory Tour!

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From his quaint, old American family homestead to yours, Jacob Bromwell’s family wishes to congratulate you on discovering one of the most genuine websites for antiquities through the wonders of cyberspace, Give yourself a pat on the back as you have finally arrived at your destination: a treasure trove of the most priceless, trusted, and rarest finds worthy of a history museum! We invite you to join our family as our honored guest, casually walking down ‘memory lane’ as our story unfolds. Do not be surprised if you catch yourself traveling way back in time, much like on a time machine, observing the mastermind, himself, making his Washington Cigar Case like no other, in recorded history! Just don’t take our word for it; surf the web for yourself.

As with Bromwell, we respectfully ask you to consider this a once-in-a-lifetime, heirloom to be proudly passed down, with pride, through the generations…an American tradition ‘jump-started’ by none other than you! Should you find yourself gently drifting into a pleasant sleep as our story is told, no need to thank us…really. We are used to it ourselves! Just know you may very well notice you are dreaming about how convenient and practical using our pure and special stein from your kitchen to your favorite campgrounds. In fact, it will become quite the ‘talk of the town’ as you travel from place to place. From personal and professional experience, we know the whole family will want to borrow or buy a collector’s item of their own!

No other American-made, special, copper bowl can even come close to the design, practicality, and décor of Jacob Bromwell’s very own Washington Cigar Case as it simply doesn’t exist! Oh, sure, you can easily find a copper cigar case online or in the stores if you search hard enough, but Bromwell’s copper cigar case?? There’s no way; we guarantee it! Invented by Bromwell when James Madison was president of the United States, his pure copper cigar case was especially made for appreciative, smart history buffs like you. This was a time when life beckoned for simplicity, originality and charm not to mention beauty. His copper Washington Cigar Case is still made today on the machinery first used ‘in bygone days’ when families typically lived together ‘under one roof’. Imagine the joy your campfire and family kitchen gatherings will bring. Know that our one-of-a-kind pure copper cigar case is an old fashioned, yet simple, safe, and special treasure. Just think how jealous your family, friends, and neighbors who visit will be! They will probably want to have their very own copper bowl as a memorable birthday, graduation, or holiday present.

To further appreciate our very own special copper cigar case, we believe the more you understand its origin, the more you will see what Jacob Bromwell was set out to accomplish for our great nation. So, here’s a short review for you history buffs and collectors out there...

The Bronze Period is a name given by archaeologists to that stage in human culture between the later Stone Age and the Iron Age when drinking vessels were often made from an alloy of copper and tin termed bronze,' a metal we were taught how to manufacture by the Phoenicans who settled and traded in Cornwall three hundred and fifty years or more before the Christian era. The Britons were making great progress in their work during the two hundred years before the Roman invasion, their bronze covered wooden tankards being quite works of art. The copper cigar case was first made about 50 B.C.

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