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"A funnel like no other." — Accessories for Life

Ideal for topping up our Great American Flask, Jacob Bromwell's Pure Copper Funnel aims to please. Hammered from solid copper by our team of American craftsmen, it's small in size but not stature. You'll find plenty of uses for it in your kitchen or at your campsite, and even the steadiest of hands will appreciate how easy this little accessory makes replenishing liquids. Let's face it - everyone needs a funnel for one reason or another!

One of our finished copper funnels at our historic workshop.
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We, at, know you’ll love our secret way of going way back in time, back to a life when our country was in its infancy, far away from British rule. How, you ask, can you possibly experience life almost 200 years ago as though you are living it?? Well, all you have to do is find a comfortable, quiet place to relax as you prepare to jump aboard our’ time machine’ by seeing life unfold as you read ahead. Ready, set, go…

Life was rugged and such innovations as the Pure Copper Funnel of the past quickly became a wildly popular item. It worked best amongst those who needed a swig or two to warm them up on those chilly nights when an extra blanket just wouldn’t do or when a cold got the best of them. Word of the existence of our Pure Copper Funnel spread like ‘whiskey over ice’ throughout the Wild West, and beyond, to unchartered territory explored by such pioneers as Lewis & Clark on their famous expeditions. Consider yourself amongst the chosen few who will know what it was like in the old fashioned days when an American-made funnel was designed to conveniently hold your favorite spirits including whiskey, rum, and scotch. Hence, it quickly became a ‘must’ for every man, and woman, in treating virtually whatever ailed him or her, for example. This one-of-a-kind, copper funnel was a staple for every trip requiring a horse & buggy and every cowboy exploring unclaimed lands. Now that you’re comfortable, allow me to guide you on this adventure as we travel back in time, metal funnel ‘in hand’…

Way back in 1819, nearly 200 years ago, Jacob Bromwell, inventor, was the only pioneer of his day known to vastly improve upon the design of these Pure Copper Funnels, the one-of-a-kind hip funnel of its day. Our Pure Copper Funnel has been known to be a reliable ‘friend’ to the sickly much like our Ohio BBQ Skewers were entrusted as a means of cooking over an open fire. Back in the olden days when our country was young and the west was being pioneered, Jacob Bromwell somehow knew his Pure Copper Funnel would come to be the ‘talk of the town’.

To really appreciate our Pure Copper Funnel is to have an understanding of its history. So, for all you history buffs out there, here goes…

Most of the available information regarding the history of funnels starts at about the 18th century. For instance, pig bellies where used where pigs were readily available, other notable mentions are varieties of hard fruits and leather hides. The Greeks, Romans, Celts, Scotts all carried some sort of ancient funnel that led to the 18th century phenomenon of elite male funnel ownership. In some ways, things have not changed much – the funnel is still a common accessory.

We, at, hope you enjoyed your journey as much as we wrote it…and just for you. We would love to hear from you! May your family ‘break bread’ or with whatever food you choose to fix to go with your newly purchased relic of history, our very own Pure Copper Funnel! Check it out on our website, and ‘bottoms up’!

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