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"A classic piece of Americana." — Tension Wire

Made from premium-quality American maple, this salad set is both pleasing to the eye and extremely functional. Available exclusively at, each piece of the set measures 15" long and a full 3" wide at the base. They have a wide handle that's comfortable to grip and also have hallowed out ends, which make gripping lettuce and croutons much easier. Forget those silly self-closing tongs that last for 3 salads and those salad hands that get dressing all over your hands. Our American-made salad server set will come ready dive into your best salad and are guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

Like all our products, these salad server sets are proudly made by hand in the USA.
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We, at, know you’ll love our secret way of going way back in time, back to a life when our country was in its infancy, far away from British rule. How, you ask, can you possibly experience life almost 200 years ago as though you are living it?? Well, all you have to do is find a comfortable, quiet place to relax as you prepare to jump aboard our’ time machine’ by seeing life unfold as you read ahead. Ready, set, go…

Life was rugged and such innovations as very basic salad server sets of the distant past quickly became a necessity. Word of the existence of our Premium Salad Server Set ‘spread like wildfire’ throughout the Wild West and beyond to pioneers exploring unchartered territory much like Lewis & Clark on their famous expedition. Consider yourself amongst the chosen few who will know what it was like in the old-fashioned days when American-made maple wood was designed as a chopping block and hence, began to be used as a cheese board as part in preparing almost every meal. This one-of-a-kind, maple board was used from those who worked down in the gold mines on which to place pasties for lunch to mail carriers traveling on horseback at a time when a dime a day was considered a descent salary. Now that you’re comfortable, allow me to guide you on this adventure as we travel back in time, wood board ‘in hand’…

Way back in 1819, nearly 200 years ago, Jacob Bromwell, inventor, was the only pioneer of his day known to vastly improve upon the design of the Premium Salad Server Set, the one-of-a-kind wood board of its day. Our Premium Salad Server Set has been known to serve such uses as carving poultry and meat from a fresh kill to hand-forming baked goods as fresh breads, moist cookies, and melt-in-your-mouth pancakes. Back in the old days when our country was young and the west was being pioneered by such folks as Lewis & Clark, Jacob Bromwell somehow knew his chopping block would not only be useful for the cowboy hunting buffalo amongst such territories as the Oregon Trail, but for chopping freshly, hand-picked vegetables from the family garden out back.

To really appreciate our Premium Salad Server Set is to have an understanding of its history. So, for all you history buffs out there, here goes…

Since the dawn of time, wood has been one of the most available materials used by mankind to build tools and lodgings, so it’s not really surprising to know that wood has been used in the preparation of food since the prehistoric ages. Of course, back then, cavemen probably used an unpolished slab of tree trunk to cut the kill of the day on and they probably didn’t think twice about saving it once the meal was over. Chances are they probably threw it in the fire with the rest of the wood needed to kindle it. In the industrial ages, many industries rapidly developed, and the butchery industry followed this trend as well. Before the invention of the salad server set, butchers used tree rounds on which to carve their meat. The rounds were often too soft and they rapidly became unsanitary. Hard maple wood butcher blocks were the preferred choice of the industry. They were made to be extremely thick and durable, so durable in fact, that a butcher could use the same block for almost his entire career.

We, at, hope you enjoyed your journey as much as we wrote it…and just for you. We would love to hear from you! May your family ‘break bread’ or with whatever food you choose to make or carve with our very own old-fashioned chopping block!

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