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Designed as a hands-free solution for voice communications use while driving, as well as for audio playback.

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Excellent sound quality for a speakerphone

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Voice commands are intuitive

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Feels safer to use than competing speakerphones that require more button-pressing

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Simple setup

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Works well with Voice Assist app, convenient

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Somewhat bulky, portability is more limited than other speakerphones

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Some functions cannot be accessed via voice commands

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The Jabra FREEWAY is designed as a hands-free solution for voice communications use while driving, as well as for audio playback. This product uses a three-way speaker system to approximate surround sound. Since it is portable, it can also function as a speaker system for various other devices, like smartphones or laptops, if desired. Overall it is intended to be simple and safe to use, and features like hands-free controls and voice updates of information (such as battery level or connection status) help to achieve this goal. User interaction with the FREEWAY can be done entirely with voice commands. This speakerphone is at the higher end of Jabra's lineup.

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  • 3-speaker virtual surround sound setup
  • Echo and noise cancelling microphones
  • Voice-controls over calls
  • Includes one year subscription to "Voice Assist" smartphone app
  • Voice-guided pairing and setup instructions
  • FM Transmitter sends music and calls from mobile phone to car radio
  • A2DP streams audio or GPS guidance from smartphone
  • Automatic on/off sensor
  • Connects to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously 
  • Dedicated mute button, on/off switch and large easy to access volume controls.
  • Chargers with car adapter or USB cable
  • Up to 14 hours of talk time and 40 days of standby time
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Description of Use

The FREEWAY announces calls by saying "Call from X", to which a user can say "Answer" to accept the call or "Ignore" to reject it. Users can also tap a button once to accept or twice to reject a call.

Users place calls by tapping the Voice button. Then, they use voice controls to navigate a "Phone commands" menu.

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Comparison Chart of Similar Jabra Products




Made For Light users Medium to heavy users Premium business users
Talk Time 20 hours 20 hours 14 hours
Standby Time 30 days 45 days 40 days
Number of Speakers 1 1 3
Speaker Power 2 watts 3 watts 7.5 watts
Dedicated Mute Button  
Dedicated Voice Control Button  
Auto ON  
Noise Cancellation Basic (One mic + DSP) Basic (One mic + DSP) Advanced (Dual mic + DSP)
High Definition (HD) Voice  
Virtual Surround Sound    
Voice Guidance Only: connected /low battery Full Voice Guidance Full Voice Guidance
Voice Controls  
Access Phone’s Contact List for Caller ID  
FM Transmitter    
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it come with a charger?

    Yes, there is a car charger that has a USB connection so you can use the cord to connect to any USB port.

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