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The Jabra CRUISER is a Bluetooth speakerphone designed for handsfree calling in an automobile.

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Doesn't have to fit on your ear while using it- no discomfort

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Automatically turns off when left on after a while if it doesn't detect your phones Bluetooth signal

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Battery life is very impressive- can last for up to a month

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Much improved looks over the previous generation- sleek with excellent form factor

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If your car shows the current song playing, you can see the number of the incoming call

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Pretty much sets itself up- pairs up easily with your phone

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Call quality is clear through both the radio and the Bluetooth's speaker

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The wire hook that is supposed to connect to your car's sun visor doesn't fit all makes and models

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The FM transmitter function can inexplicably turn off depending on where you're driving

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Cannot be paired with more than one phone. Bad if you carry a personal and work phone

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The Jabra CRUISER is a Bluetooth speakerphone designed for handsfree calling in an automobile. It features a slim and stylish portfolio and utilizes noise-canceling technology with digital signal processing (DSP) to reduce background noise. Included is a wire clip for easing mounting on a vehicle’s sun visor. As well as taking calls, the CRUISER also supports A2DP/AVRCP audio streaming, FM transmission to the car’s loudspeakers, and text-to-speech caller ID announcements. Keep in mind that the speech system only reads back numbers and not the callers’ names. It also supports voice commands, although voice dialing is surprisingly not included.

  • Bluetooth Speakerphone
  • Handsfree Calling
  • Music Playback
  • Noise-Canceling
  • FM Transmission
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Caller ID
  • Voice Commands
  • Media Controls
  • Talk Time: 14 Hours
  • Standby Time: 13 Days
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