This is a highly effective mid-size machine, built around the powerful and whisper-quiet Peltier technology.

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This is a highly effective mid-size machine, built around the powerful and whisper-quiet Peltier technology. Because Peltier technology works with no moving parts, we managed to design and develop our dehumidifier as a compact appliance: small, lightweight, low on energy consumption, powerful, effective at drying up musty rooms, and, with all that, a long lifespan. 

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  • Peltier Technology: Medium in Size, Big on Power
  • Squeezes Up to 20 oz. of Water a Day From Humid Air
  • Very Quiet Operation Due to No Moving Parts
  • At Capacity, Indicator Lights Up and Device Shuts Off
  • Compact at 4.45 pounds, 7.2" x 8.85" x 13.85"
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Removable Water Reservoir

Rated at being suited for spaces up to 2,200 cubic feet, our mid-size dehumidifier is the perfect tool to extract moisture stagnant areas and mildew- and mold-stricken rooms. From bathrooms to laundry rooms to bedrooms to antique cars to boats, it rids the air of mustiness and unpleasant odors while quietly pulling in excess humidity at a rate of up to 20 ounces per day at 86° Fahrenheit and 80% relative humidity. 

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Suited for spaces up to 2,200 cubic feet

The Ivation mid-size dehumidifier is fitted with a removable water reservoir with a capacity of 64 ounces. This spares you the hustle of emptying out an overflowing water tank every day, as it can hold approximately 3-days' worth of dehumidifying action. Our dehumidifier is also programmed to shut off automatically once it has reached capacity. An indicator light will go on to remind you to empty the tank out. 

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  • A 12v DC power adapter is included, and power consumption peaks at 90w, making this an efficient, reliable, low power, simple to use and effective unit. 
  • Lightweight, low power, simple to use, safe and effective 
  • Dehumidifier rate: 20oz/24h at 86F, 80% RH 
  • 64 ounce water tank 
  • Automatic switch off when the water tank is full (with LED indicator) 
  • Compressor free, no chemicals, no moving parts; an environmental friendly product
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