Compact AM/FM NOAA Weather Radio and a powerful 3 LED flashlight, with cell phone charger.

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iRonsnow IS-088 Dynamo Emergency Solar Hand Crank Self Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio, LED Flashlight, Smart Phone Charger Power Bank with Cables.

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  • Compact AM/FM NOAA Weather Radio and a powerful 3 LED flashlight, with cell phone charger
  • Offers a choice of self-charge, solar and external recharge power options.Multiple ways to power/charge the radio: hand crank to wind up internal alternator, expose to sunlight to charge by solar panel, DC recharge by connecting the mini USB cable to computer. This is a self power emergency radio that you and your family can depend on, anytime anywhere, any weather.
  • 1 minute hand-cranking supports over 5 minutes radio play time, over 30 minutes of continuous torch light, 5 minutes cell phone talk time
  • Light, and easy to carry, good survival kit when cellphone powered off or cyclone
  • 3 ways to charge: micro usb/hand crank/solar.
  • Dimensions: 5" x 2.4" x 1.6" .
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Color Options

  • Red
  • Black
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What's Included

  • USB Charging Cable 
  • Retractable Antenna 
  • Wrist lanyard 
  • Mini, micro, USB smart phone tips for charging
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the hand crank be attached to a hamster wheel so that it may be charged by rodents?

    Only if you set the rats tail on fire, then it will have the motivation to produce the proper RP.

  • Can it be charged with a plug in USB charger instead of a computer?

    Yes, but plug(ac charger) not included in package.

  • Is the unit hard or soft plastic?

    It's a hard plastic. Any room light source is fine; direct summer sunlight for more than a half hour is probably overkill, because of the temperature build-up.

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