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The IronMan 1840 is a middle-end elliptical trainer.

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construction of the unit is relatively straight-forward, no surprises

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footprint is reasonable, doesn't take up too much room

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offers a good range of resistances to keep you challenged

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feels solid and sturdy, don't have to worry about it tipping

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runs very quietly while in operation, won't wake anyone up

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control panel configuration is a little confusing at first

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no extra features, no incline or music functions

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some clicking on the one side is noticeable when set to the lowest resistance, a bit hard to ignore

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The IronMan 1840 is a middle-end elliptical trainer. It features heart rate control programs and padded foot pedals. The heart rate control programs of the 1840 work by having the user attach the included wireless chest strap to themselves, which communicates information to the elliptical trainer. When a user selects a heart rate program, the 1840 responds by changing the resistance according too the program. This allows a user to create their own, custom work-out that will help keep them in good health. The 1840 also features padded foot pedals, which help to comfort the user, and create a low-impact work-out. Like the foot pedals of previous models, they also provide a secure, nonslip surface. When compared to another elliptical trainer by IronMan, the 1815, the 1840 has several advantages, including the heart rate control programs, the padded food pedals, and a larger stride length (18" versus 16").

  • Heart rate control programs
  • Padded foot pedals
  • 18" stride length
  • Patented design
  • Chromed wheel track system
  • LCD electronics
  • Pulse grips
  • Belt Drive system
  • 16 resistance levels
  • Easy-to-read display computer
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