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Washes hard floors like tile, sealed hardwood or linoleum on its own by reading its environment through software and sensors.

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iRobot iRobot Scooba® 230 + Essentials Kit $299.99

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Easy to use

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Cleans Effectively

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Inconspicuous design

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Extends functionality

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It does the cleaning of hard floors for you

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It can move around tight spaces and clean linoleum, sealed hardwood, tile and other hard floors

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Its three-step process includes washing, scrubbing and squeegee-vacuuming the dirty water to loosen dirt and stains and take away the dirt

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The cleaning solution and dirty water stay separate with an advanced water management system

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Does NOT work on wet tile floors, the robot just spins its wheels

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It is expensive

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The iRobot Scooba 230 Floor Washing Robot Essentials Kit washes hard floors like tile, sealed hardwood or linoleum on its own by reading its environment through software and sensors. Its small size and movability allow it to maneuver tight areas like behind the toilet. Its three-stage washing can kill up to 97 percent of bacteria on a home floor. This floor cleaner works in 20 or 45 minute cleaning cycles and can cover 150 square feet at one time. Includes extra parts like bottom plates and a virtual wall. 

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  • This tool cleans in three ways: it washes the floor, scrubs it to loosen dirt and other grime, and squeegee-vacuums the floor to suck up the dirty water
  • It uses a specialty floor cleaner or tap water 
  • This process takes care of up to 97 percent of the bacteria on the floor 
  • The robot keeps the cleaner separate from the dirty water with an active reservoir 
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Size and Coverage

  • The Scooba cleans hard floors in the bathroom, kitchen and other areas 
  • It is 6.5 inches in diameter, which allows it to move in tight spaces 
  • It can move curtains and other moveable areas to clean around them
  • This robot can clean up to 150 square feet at a time 
  • It gives the choice of two time cycles: 20 minutes for small rooms or 45 minutes for large ones 
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Cleaning Technology

  • This robot uses sensors and software to detect walls, drop-offs and the rest of the home environment to clean effectively and avoid accidents 
  • Virtual walls can be set so the robot stays in specified areas
  • It cleans every area of a room, even in tight spaces, multiple times with iAdapt Technology and robotic behavior selection 
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  • It is small so it can be stored, carried and recharged easily
  • It is used by simply sweeping the floor first, filling the robot with water or a cleaner, and pressing a button 
  • The inside of the unit is easy to clean by removing the bottom plate, without the need for tools 
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What's Included?

  • The iRobot Scooba 230
  • Two virtual walls (Two D batteries required, not included)
  • Three bottom plates
  • One rechargeablebBattery
  • One battery charger
  • One mat for storing it
  • Four packets of floor cleaner 
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