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The iRiver T5 is a low-cost MP3 player.

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Good quality sound recording through built in mic, especially for this price

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Wider volume range than typical for mp3 players, and easy to adjust volume

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Rechargeable battery lasts much longer than disposables and longer than older iRivers

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Memory bank doubles as a flash drive, an added convenience for this price

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Menu complexity is frustrating to navigate, especially during athletic activity e.g. running

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Display quality is poor compared to many mp3 players, hard to read in direct light

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Included earbuds have poor sound quality compared to more expensive players

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Stick-based control scheme has a bit of a learning curve

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The iRiver T5 is a low-cost MP3 player. The embedded USB interface of this MP3 player eliminates the need for a separate USB cable. This interface allows you to charge the T5's 120mAh lithium polymer battery (which takes three hours to fully charge), as well as store MP3 and WAV files onto it directly. At 77.5mm x 24.5mm x 14.3mm, the T5 is compact. At 26.3 grams, it is also easy to carry around. This MP3 player is equipped with an FM tuner. The T5 can record FM radio, as well as voice (in WAV format). The 96 x 32 dot-matrix reverse LCD display of the T5 shows song information. This MP3 player differs from the higher cost T6 model in that the T6 has a 280 mAh battery (for up to thirty-three hours of play at a time), six EQ settings, photo viewing capability (JPEG, BMP), and a larger, higher-quality display (1.8 inches of 128 x 160 RGB). There are size options available for the iRiver T5 MP3 player. 

  • Color: Silver
  • Embedded USB interface
  • USB charge
  • Data storage
  • FM/voice recording
  • Windows 2K/XP/Vista compatible
  • 96 x 32 dot-matrix reverse LCD
  • Weight: 26.3g
  • Dimensions: 77.5mm x 24.5mm x 14.3mm
  • Size options
  • 120mAh lithium polymer battery (3 hour charging time)
Size Options
  • 2GB - $29.99
  • 4GB - $49.99
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