He IRIS airtight pet food container combo kits includes a 25-pound airtight container.

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The IRIS airtight pet food container combo kits includes a 25-pound airtight container, 10-pound airtight treat/travel container, and a 2 cup food scoop. The airtight seal keeps food fresh and pests out. The larger container includes 4-free wheeling casters for easy mobility.

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  • 25-Pound airtight container
  • 10-Pound airtight container
  • 2-Cup food scoop with 1/2 cup measuring marks
  • Casters included
  • BPA free/FDA compliant material
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Airtight is "Airtight" for this container? How long will my 25lbs of dog food last in this container kept in nice conditions?

    There seems to be a rubber seal that goes all the way around the inside of the lids. The latch also holds the lids in place fairly well. Some air might come through... I'm not really sure. I would feel comfortable storing a 25lbs bag of dog food in these bins for quite a while. I use them for birdseed in my back porch and I haven't noticed any bugs or critters.

  • Would this be good for outdoor storage where squirrels are always looking for food?

    A squirrel would have to be pretty determined and have good problem solving skills to get into these.

  • I see the dimensions but is that including the small container on top as well?

    Hello, both together come to be 26" high, the bottom part alone is 19" high. I love this set! Hope that helps you.

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