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The ION TTUSBDC is a turntable designed to convert records into MP3s.

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Vinyl digitization is reliable and easy to configure - converted song files are sent directly to the user's hard drive via USB

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Included software component comprises a fully-functional DAW - excellent for both inexperienced and expert-level music producers

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Provides an affordable all-in-one alternative to other methods of digitizing vinyl - more convenient than using an anaog turntable, preamp, sound card and editing program to extract song files

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Unit is visually striking - matte silver aesthetic stands out amongst other audio products and shows dust much less prominently than black players

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Lightweight plastic construction is a testament to the unit's price - not recommended for vinyl DJ applications or regular transport in general

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Hard-wired audio cables are indicative of lower quality - makes replacement (for damage or upgrade purposes) very difficult

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Lack of a pitch adjustment slider is a major downfall - removes all likelihood of the turntable being used for live DJ and advanced editing purposes

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The ION TTUSBDC is a turntable designed to convert records into MP3s. This turntable is similar to the ION TTUSB10, having the same features with just the addition of being able to record 78 RPM albums with the use of included software. The outer shell has been redesigned to be more angular, and the buttons are now flush with the body. Audio is output to a USB connection which uses plug-and-play to avoid the need for drivers. Included software handles the conversion of audio into MP3 format, and puts the files directly into iTunes. Playing LPs is enhanced by an adjustable anti-skate control that helps work through imperfections in the vinyl. A 1/8 inch stereo line input also enables external audio devices, such as a cassette player, to be connected for audio routing through the USB. The RCA output is switchable from phono to line outputs, making it compatible with home stereo systems that don't have a built-in preamp.

  • Converts records into MP3s
  • Home stereo compatible
  • Plug and Play USB connection
  • Adjustable anti-skate control
  • 33 1/3 and 45 RPM settings
  • Records 78 RPM albums using included software
  • Switchable-level RCA output
  • 1/8 in stereo line input
  • Included software quickly transfers your music to iTunes
  • Slipmat, 45RPM adapter, Cartridge with pre-assembled stylus, USB cable, Quick start guide included
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