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The Iomega UltraMax Pro is a large storage system that has two hard drives, either both 750 GB or 1TB.

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can handle a few bumps without any damage

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attractive looking case design, looks impressive

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easy to use, don't even need the manual

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entire unit heats up severely after a few hours

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drive bays hold all the heat directly against the disc drives, can actually burn your hand on them

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fan is underpowered, doesn't move much air

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poor ventilation, grill design blocks proper airflow

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The Iomega UltraMax Pro is a large storage system that has two hard drives, either both 750 GB or 1TB depending on which size capacity picked. The Iomega UltraMax Pro is hot swappable, which means that the drives can be swapped without waiting for them to turn off. It has two FireWire 800 ports, one FireWire 400 port, and one USB 2.0 port.  Those features, plus its stackable design, make the UltraMax Pro a good product to expand upon.  The Lomega UltraMax Pro comes with a built-in RAID 0, which means more data space in general. RAID 1 is available as an option as well which is good for those who want a little protection just incase one of the hard drives fails.  There is a manual switch that allows for no RAID to be selected at all (JBOD).  With the package comes a CD with EMC Retrospect Express software designed to help the consumer set up their backups and handle data recovery. The CD also contains the HTML version of the user manual and additional help files.

  • Drive capacity options:  1.5TB, 2TB
  • RAID 0, RAID 1, or JBOD
  • Connection Cables
  • Power Cable included
  • Comes with Quick Install Guide
  • One year limited warrenty
  • Preformatted HFS+
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • 8MB or higher Cache Buffer
  • CD containing EMC Retrospect Express Software, User Guide and Help files


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