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The Iomega eGo Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0 is a stylish external hard drive.

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very large capacity

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fast internal disk will supply higher transfer speeds

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not that expensive considering the capacity

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large and heavy compared to other 'on the go' type drives

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The Iomega eGo Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0 is a stylish external hard drive ideal for someone who wants a product that will look nice on their computer desk.  It comes in three colors, Ruby Red, Midnight Blue and Jet Black.  It has plug and play capability so it is ready to go right out of the box and is preformatted using NTFS.  For secure and easy file backup, the Iomega eGo comes with (you have to download it from the internet) the software EMC Retrospect HD for the PC.  That may not be the best software for everyone, but it is certainly good for users who don't have a lot of experience with external hard drives and aren't sure how to best automate their new backup system.  The Iomega eGo requires a Pentium II-class processor or better on PCs and on Macs is supported for Mac OS X 10.1 - 10.5.

  • Drive capacity options:  1TB
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • Power Cable included
  • Comes with Quick Install Guide
  • One year limited warrenty
  • Preformatted NTFS
  • 7200 RPM
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • 8MB or higher Cache Buffer


Post Review
Michael Peters
01/05/2010 10:58

Everything was going well with this drive until I burnt my hand on it today. Unfortunately I had also put it on the sofa beside me while I was working on my laptop and I now have a permanent impression of it burnt into the fabric. This heat is dangerous and there are now warnings in the documentation.

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