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The Iomega Desktop Hard Drive is an economical option for extra storage.

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Includes a useful and powerful, albeit somewhat complicated backup utility, Retrospect Express 7.5 is the same backup software provided with Western Digital products

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Windows and OS X compatible right out of the box with FAT 32 format (also see con)

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Simple and basic drives that works exactly as advertised, nothing more/less

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Has 3 interfaces, USB2.0, FW400 and 800, comprehensive inputs for all types of users

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Performance is below average compared to devices from Seagate and LaCie, but buyers should keep in mind that the Iomega model is the cheapest of the bunch

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FAT32 format means that certain large files will not be copied on to the drive, Windows only users should reformat the drive to NTFS

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Included CD isn't particularly helpful, only includes a generic user manual that covers multiple models

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The Iomega Desktop Hard Drive is an economical option for extra storage.  It comes preformatted and setup for plug and play so it is ready to right out of the box.  The Iomega Desktop hard drive comes with 360 GB capacity.  This translates into 1,440,00 photos, 5,920 songs, or 480 videos. The Iomega Desktop Hard Drives are preformatted with FAT32, so those wanting to store extremly large files, such as extensive high graphic movies or computer games, may need to reformat to the NTFS file system.  The hard drives do not work with older machines -- they require at least a Pentium II class processor or higher for PCs and at least Mac OS X 10.3 for Macs.  The Iomega Desktop Hard Drives come with a one-year limited warrenty.

  • Drive capacity 360GB
  • USB 1.1/2.0 Cable included
  • Power Cable included
  • Comes with Quick Install Guide
  • One year warrenty
  • Preformatted FAT32
  • 7200 RPM
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • 8MB or higher Cache Buffer
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