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The Intel DG43NB is an ATX mainstream motherboard made for use with Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad and Celeron Processors.

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Gigabit LAN

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HD Video Support

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6 Channel (5.1) Audio

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Max 4GB RAM over two DIMM slots

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No RAID Mode available in BIOS

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The Intel DG43NB is an ATX mainstream motherboard made for use with Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad and Celeron Processors. It is marketed towards higher-end basic desktop users. It supports a max of 4GB RAM over two DDR2 DIMM slots. It has onboard video and onboard 5.1 audio. It has gigabit LAN, and PS/2 ports, in addition to 12 USB ports. It has 6 SATA connectors, however it does not have an onboard RAID system.

  • LGA 775 Socket for Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad and Celeron Processors
  • 2 DDR2 DIMM Slots (Max 4GB RAM)
  • 5.1 Audio
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500
  • Gigabit LAN Controller
  • 6 SATA Interfaces
  • PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Ports
  • 12 USB Ports
  • 1 PCIe x16 (2.0) Connector
  • 2 PCIe x1 Connector
  • 3 PCI Slots
Post Review
03/16/2009 07:15

Intel MoBo DG43NB Assambled a new computer with the above MoBo ,C2D 2.66 Gigs , 4 Gb DDR2 , 250GB HDD. As a Win 7 Beta tester I loaded Win 7 Beta. Loading was smooth , took about 20 minutes. Tossed the MoBo driver CD in to the drive. But most of the drivers will not install. So decided to install each driver separately. When tried to install Chipset driver , the indication appeared that the OS is not compatible. So formatted the C : , and installed Win - XP Pro. Loading was smooth, took about 15 min. Loaded the MoBo drivers. All the drivers automatically loaded . Installed Office 2003; AVG ; Adobe 8 . Manually created a wireless network connection , & it connected to the Net . Checked the Device Manager & found no yellow indication . So everything is working well under XP- Pro. Loaded Win 7 in partition D: as a dual boot system. It loaded with out any hitch. Installed AVG , manually created a wireless network connection. I had to type the encryptation key. Tried to connect to Net , but it failed to connect. So clicked on the option for Window to repair the connection , & it connected to Net. Checked the Device Manager and found the following yellow indications 1) PCI Simple Communication Controller 2) SM Bus Controller By Rt. Clicking on them , it indicated that the driver for these are not loaded. Tried to update the driver for the above two , from computer and from Net, but failed. I thought it may be due to old BIOS. So opened the BIOS by pressing F2 , during boot and in the main Menu page the first line was NBG4310H.86A.0054.2008.0813.1914 From Intel site , found that the Chipset is G43 express chipset with ICH10R. and the BIOS ver is 0054. But the latest Ver of BIOS is 0074 . Downloaded this latest Ver 0074 ( Express BIOS update ) from Intel site . Thinking that by updating the BIOS to Ver 0074 will remove the Yellow indications in Win 7 Device Manager , did express update of the BIOS in Window environment. (BIOS update will take about 3 min and power should not be interrupted during this time, UPS is a must) . But even after the Bios update the Yellow indications in Win 7 Device Manager remained. So I have a dual boot system with the above MoBo , XP-Pro and Win 7 Beta. Both are working fine. I recommended this MoBo to my brother & he is also not having any complaint. I strongly recommend this MoBo as found no problems except the unavailability of the driver for 2 items in Win 7 Beta. Hope in full ver of Win 7 this will not be there.

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