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The Intel Xeon L5640 is a high end CPU.

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64-bit processing dramatically improves communication with the rest of the system

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runs very stable for years at a time

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doesn't draw much power from the motherboard

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well supported by a wide range of motherboard manufacturers

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doesn't generate too much heat even when stressed, easy to cool

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good quality control, won't generally ever get a bad one

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more cores than most of the Intel line for added processing ability

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The Intel Xeon L5640 is a high end CPU. It is designed to be used in servers with resource-heavy traffic. It features Intel Hyper Threading technology, Intel Trusted Execution technology, and Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology. The Xeon L5640 uses Intel Hyper Threading in order to run the CPU more efficiently. It results in higher processing throughput, and overall improved performance (most noticeably with multi-threaded software). The Intel Trusted Execution technology is a security feature that provides hardware based mechanisms to protect against software based attacks. It also helps protect the integrity of the users data. The Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology conserves power, by switching the voltage and the frequency of the CPU in demand with the system. When compared to another Intel Xeon CPU, the W3580, the L5640 has several superior aspects, including a larger number of cores (six compared to four) and support for more advanced technologies (AES New Instructions, etc).

  • Intel Hyper Threading
  • Intel Trusted Execution
  • Enhanced Intel Speedstep
  • Six Cores
  • 2.26GHz
  • 12MB Cache
  • AES New Instructions
  • ECC Memory support
  • Intel 64 bit architecture
  • Intel Demand Based Switching
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