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The Intel Xeon E3110 is a middle-end CPU.

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overclocks quite a bit, can be pushed hard and still run stable with proper cooling

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versatile design, works for servers or in gaming PCs

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widely supported by a number of motherboard builders

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easy to install, clips into the port easily

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fast compared to most other CPUs that work with 775 sockets

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handles heavy loads without any errors or overheating

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generates a fair amount of heat, need to ensure proper case ventilation

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draws an above-average amount of power to run

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The Intel Xeon E3110 is a middle-end CPU. As part of the Intel Xeon series, it is designed for use with servers and workstations. It features two cores, Intel Virtualization technology, and Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology. The dual cores of the Xeon E3110 allows the processor to handle more applications at once, by splitting up the work between the two cores. This provides enhanced performance for machines equipped with the Xeon E3110. The CPU also uses Intel Virtualization technology in order to provide maximum system utilization. It allows whatever system that is using the CPU to be more resilient in a disastrous situation. The Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology enables high system performance, while also conserving power. When compared to another Intel CPU from the Xeon line, the E7530, the Xeon E3110 has some disadvantages, such as a lower number of cores (two cores compared to six), and a lower cache (6MB compared to 12MB). It does however, have a higher clockspeed (3.00GHz compared to 1.86GHz).

  • Dual Cores
  • Intel Virtualization technology
  • Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology
  • 6MB cache
  • 3.00GHz
  • 1333MHz FSB
  • Intel 64-bit architecture
  • Idle state support
  • Thermal monitoring technologies
  • Execute Disable Bit security
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