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The Intel Pentium G840 is a budget oriented dual core processor.

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enough processing power for higher end games

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easy to overclock, can get it to go well past default settings

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excellent for advanced sound processing, works quickly without lag

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runs stable, can push it hard without crashing it

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can sometimes unlock dormant cores for faster processing

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widely supported, easy to find compatible motherboards and utilities

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easy to check with the Intel utility

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The Intel Pentium G840 is a budget oriented dual core processor. Its low retail price is accounted for by the lack of some advanced features such as virtualization for directed I/O, Intel Trusted execution technology, and AES new instructions. The G840 has a stock clock speed of 2.8GHz, a 6MB smart cache, and is built on the 32nm process. For a budget processor it has a relatively low max thermal output of 65W which is good for both power consumption and heat management. This processor has a low end Intel Integrated graphics chips built-in. It is capable of completing most stand tasks and driving two monitors. But users looking to watch high definition content are better off looking for an entry level dedicated graphics card from AMD or Nvidia. The Intel Pentium G840 dual core processor is a good option for buyers who are looking for a power efficient processor for non-intense computing uses. 

Features / Specifications

  • Dual core
  • FCLGA1155 Socket
  • 2.8GHz Stock Frequency
  • 3MB smart cache
  • 32nm
  • 65W max TDP
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • Intel Virtualization Technology
  • Idle States
  • Enhanced Speedstep
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