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The Intel Pentium E5700 is a low-end CPU.

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even faster than some of the higher-end early Core 2 processors

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able to easily overlock with no stability problems, minimal heat increase - can hit 4GHz

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fast enough for the vast majority of consumers - including most gamers

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runs cool, even under heavy use

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capable of handling heavy processing jobs in a reasonable amount of time

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multitasking is gracefully handled, all applications kept running without lagging each other

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built on 45nm

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affordable price point

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no Hyperthreading

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clips on the CPU fan are a little confusing at first

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installation instructions are very general, don't describe anything in detail

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The Intel Pentium E5700 is a low-end CPU. It is designed to carry out all tasks for a computer. It features Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology, and dual-cores. The Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology enables very high performance, while at the same time conserving power. This helps even more if the user has installed the CPU on a mobile system, such as a latop or a netbook. The dual-cores of the Pentium E5700 allow it to process information faster, and more efficiently. This greatly improves the performance of the PC, and lets the user run many programs at the same time, and more smoothly. When compared to another Intel CPU, the Core i5-760, the Pentium E5700 falls short in several areas, such as a lower number of technologies, and a lower number of cores.

  • Enhanced Intel Speedstep technology
  • Two cores
  • Intel 64-bit architecture
  • Idle States
  • Thermal monitoring technology
  • Execute disable bit security
  • Intel Virtualization technology
  • 3GHz
  • 2MB cache
  • 800MHz FSB
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