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The Intel Core i7-970 is a high-end hexa-core processor designed to be the 'budget' version of Intel's flagship processor.

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runs cooler than older, slower CPUs

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comes with a huge heat sink, manages heat very well

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can compress and encrypt large files in seconds

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handles multi-tasking very smoothly, great for multi-threaded applications

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can overclock it pretty far and still run fairly cool

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considerably faster than its AMD counterpart

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difficult to justify the high price for it, need to make sure you need a processor of this calibre

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heat sink eats up a lot of space, not for smaller cases

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The Intel Core i7-970 is a high-end hexa-core processor designed to be the 'budget' version of Intel's flagship processor at the time of release (July 2010), the Intel Core i7-980X. Sporting a somewhat reduced clock speed compared to the 980X (3.2GHz as opposed to 3.33GHz), the 970 also lacks the 980X's unlocked CPU multiplier, somewhat limiting its overclocking potential. However, the i7-970 still sports the same 32nm architecture, 12MB L3 cache and hyper-threading technology as the i7-980X.

The Core i7-970's 32nm architecture is smaller and more efficient than the 45nm quad-core CPUs in the i7 line, allowing it to be compatible with the same LGA1366 CPU socket despite having 6 cores; 32nm architecture also allows the i7-970 to run at a lower operating temperature than equivalent 45nm processors. Additionally, the Core i7-970's 12MB L3 cache allows it to process tasks much more efficiently while its hyper-threading technology optimizes overall processor use by allowing each core to perform two simultaneous functions when dealing with threaded applications.

  • 6 cores clocked at 3.2GHz
  • 12MB L3 cache
  • 32nm architecture
  • Hyper-threading technology provides 12 logical cores
  • Max turbo frequency (OC): 3.46 GHz
  • Max memory size: 24GB
  • Max TDP: 130 W
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