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The Intel Core i5-2405S is part of the second generation Intel Core i series processor line up.

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Exellent HTPC & server AIO unit due to the HD3000 grapics, low TDP (65w) and supporting chipsets.

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Intel Turbo Boost technology automatically overclocks as necessary.

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Extremely low TDP (65W) saves on energy use, lowers the risk of overheating.

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More powerful Intel HD 3000 graphics than other Sandy Bridge chips.

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Virtu enabled boards make the HD3000 graphics solution on the processor great for normal use, then flip over to discreet graphics to game.

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Powerful, low-energy processor for HTPC builds.

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Not worth the price point if you're using discrete graphics.

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Doesn't feature Hyperthreading support.

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Locked multiplier offers poor manual overclocking performance.

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The Intel Core i5-2405S is part of the second generation Intel Core i series processor line up. It is a quad core processor with Intel's turbo boost feature (up to 3.3GHz). The i5-2405S has a higher retail price yet lower frequency; this is because it has a lower power input and a lower thermal output (less heat) than several other models in the Core i5 line. Another reason for the higher price is the integrated HD Graphics 3000 on-die GPU. It is faster than the 2000 model featured on other models. Other advanced functions include virtualization, Idle states, Speed step, AES instructions, and Intel Fast Memory Access. The Intel Core i5-2405S is a good option for desktop builders who are looking for a high performance yet energy efficient qua core processor. 

Features / Specifications
  • Quad core
  • FCLGA1155, LGA1155 Socket
  • 2.5GHz Stock Frequency
  • 3.3GHz Turbo boost 
  • 6MB smart cache
  • 32nm
  • 65W max TDP
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Intel Virtualization Technology
  • Idle States
  • Enhanced Speedstep
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