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The Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800 is one of Intel's new generation of quad core processors that is energy efficient and powerful.

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solid performance that stays stable no matter how hard you push it

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comes with a fan large enough to handle the extra heat generated

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enough processing power for programs that require lots of processing power

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installation is very simple and can be attempted by moderately tech-savvy individuals

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costs quite a bit more than other Intel Core 2 processors with only marginal speed improvements

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generates a lot of heat that needs to be aggressively vented

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draws a lot of power compared to newer Intel i3 series or higher

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The Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800 is one of Intel's new generation of quad core processors that is energy efficient and powerful. The QX6800 codenamed "Kentsfield XE", features two 4 MB of L2 cache which gives a total of 8 MB of L2 cache, a core clock speed of 2.93 GHz, and a front side bus of 1066MHz. The CPU is manufactured on a 65nm die and contains 4 processor cores. Designed to deliver a high power efficiency, it has a Thermal Design Power of 130W. For the full report, refer to Intel Core 2 Extreme.

  • Core Clock Speed: 2.93GHz
  • L2-cache: 2 x 4096KB
  • Front Side Bus: 1066MHz
  • Thermal Design Power: 130W
  • Socket: LGA 775
  • Release Date: April 9, 2007
  • Price: $999
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11/27/2008 02:35

Terrific processor. Very fast. I overclocked my up to 3.3 ghtz with air cooling. It was stable enought to run 3D Mark Advantage without any hitches. I do a lot of video editing and it, along with my GeForce graphics card had cut my rendering time by half! Right now you can find it through for $575. There is no better processor available for that price.

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