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3.06 GHz, 1066MHz FSB processor with 3MB Cache and falls in the middle of Intel's line of Core 2 Duo Processors.

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affordable price

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65W TDP - common for desktop power CPUs, can be cooled quietly, effectively, easily

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built on the latest 45nm process - higher frequency while utilizing less power, giving off the same or less heat

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3GHz+ core speeds, ideal for games and applications that prefer core-speed over number of cores

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only dual core

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no professional reviews mean it is hard to gage chips overclockability (and thus its value to overclockers)

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not the greatest value vs. AMDs dual and tri-core Phenom II options

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The Intel Core 2 Duo E7600 is a 3.06 GHz, 1066MHz FSB processor with 3MB Cache and falls in the middle of Intel's line of Core 2 Duo Processors. All processors in this line have 2 cores (hence the name) meaning they have two distinct processors on one chip allowing them to work seperately or together on a single large task. These processors also feature next generation Intel Core microarchitecture for better overall performance and Intel HD Boost which delivers up to 70% higher performance when encoding high-definition information from your HD video camera while Intel Clear Video Technology gives smoother video playback. Intel Intelligent Power Capability allows the processor to run with increased performance without increasing power consumption resulting in energy-efficient perfomance. The Intel Core 2 Duo processors also feature Intel Graphics Technology allowing users to fully capitalize on visual advancements offered by Windows Vista Home Premium edition.

  • Number of Cores: 2
  • Clock Speed: 3.06 GHz
  • L2 Cache: 3 MB
  • FSB Speed: 1066 MHz
  • Instruction: Set 64-bit
  • Lithography: 45 nm
  • Max TDP: 65 W
  • VID Voltage Range: 0.8625V-1.2625V
  • Die Size: 82 mm
  • Number of Transistors: 228 million
  • Sockets Supported: LGA775
  • Halogen Free Options Available 
  • Intel Virtualization Technology 
  • Execute Disable Bit 
  • Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology 
  • Intel 64
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