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2.66 GHz processor with a 1333MHz FSB and 4MB Cache and falls in the upper half of Intel's line of Core 2 Duo Processors.

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Performs well and consistently during graphics-heavy performance, like gaming

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Similar performance during gaming to slightly more expensive models at the same or slightly higher clock speeds

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Overclocking performance increases with voltage adjustments, improves with more advanced motherboards

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External clock rate is receptive to some overclocking

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Faster inter-core communication speeds than older models

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High price point makes it undesirable as an upgrade from existent dual-core systems

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Negligible performance difference over the lower E6700 despite faster FSB

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The Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 is a 2.66 GHz processor with a 1333MHz FSB and 4MB Cache and falls in the upper half of Intel's line of Core 2 Duo Processors. All processors in this line have 2 cores (hence the name) meaning they have two distinct processors on one chip allowing them to work seperately or together on a single large task. These processors also feature next generation Intel Core microarchitecture for better overall performance and Intel HD Boost which delivers up to 70% higher performance when encoding high-definition information from your HD video camera while Intel Clear Video Technology gives smoother video playback. Intel Intelligent Power Capability allows the processor to run with increased performance without increasing power consumption resulting in energy-efficient perfomance. The Intel Core 2 Duo processors also feature Intel Graphics Technology allowing users to fully capitalize on visual advancements offered by Windows Vista Home Premium edition.

  • Number of Cores: 2
  • Clock Speed: 2.66 GHz
  • L2 Cache: 4 MB
  • FSB Speed: 1333 MHz
  • Instruction Set: 64-bit
  • Lithography: 65 nm
  • Max TDP: 65 W
  • VID Voltage Range: 0.85v-1.5v
  • Thermal Specification: 72°C
  • Package Size: 37.5mm x 37.5mm
  • Die Size: 143 mm2
  • Number of Transistors: 291 million
  • Sockets Supported: LGA775, PLGA775
  • Intel Virtualization Technology 
  • Execute Disable Bit 
  • Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology 
  • Enhanced Halt State (C1E) 
  • Intel64 
  • Intel Trusted Execution Technology
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