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The Intel Atom N450 is a 45nm processor for embedded motherboards, most often found in netbooks.

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improved energy efficiency with integrated GMA 3150 graphics on chip - no need for the aged GMA 950

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extremely low power draw and heat output

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GMA 3150 is based on a later generation (3100) than the GMA 950 (900)

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full x64 support - can run any x64 operating system / application

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very few changes to the actual CPU from the N270/280 - same 45nm fab process, 1.66GHz speed, hyper-threading support

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GMA 3150 shows very little improvement over the previous generation offerings besides energy efficiency - cannot playback HD media

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Worst 3d acceleration I've seen

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These energy efficient cpus are always hot....too hot.

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Very low processor performance on multimedia

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still very poor performance compared to conventional laptops

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The Intel Atom N450 is a 45nm processor for embedded motherboards, most often found in netbooks. Released on December 21st 2009, this is the successor to 2008’s Atom N270. The single core Atom N450 features a 1.66GHz clock speed, 512KB of L2 cache and a FSB (memory) speed of 667MHz. This energy efficient processor is rated at 5.5 watts TDP, meaning very little electricity is required for this chip to function. Most netbooks with this processor will use around 15 watts of total power, an amount considerably less than a full-sized notebook computer. Unlike the N270, the N450 has a fanless design, meaning overall system noise will be less noticeable. Supported processor features include MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SpeedStep power management, XD bit virus protection and Hyper-Threading technology. As a 64-bit processor, a wide variety of operating systems are compatible including Windows 7 x64.

  • Core: Pineview
  • Clock: 1.667GHz
  • Process: 45nm
  • Socket: 437
  • L1 Cache: 32 kB
  • L2 Cache: 512KB
  • FSB (memory): 667MHz
  • 64-bit supported
  • Multimedia: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3
  • Hyper-threading technology
  • Virus protection: XD Bit
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