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The Insignia NS-L42Q-10A is mid-priced item in Insignia's line of widescreen LCD High Definition TVs.

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lots of input ports for all kinds of external components

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inexpensive price for a screen of this size

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speakers are capable of getting pretty loud if you want them to

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excellent color rendition, very bright with great color depth

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takes some work to get the picture balanced to your room's lighting and personal preference

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not a uniform display, upper corners end up a bit darker

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watching sports betrays a noticeable amount of blur and stutter when the camera pans

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takes a long time to auto-program over 70 channels, up to a half-hour

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The Insignia NS-L42Q-10A is mid-priced item in Insignia's line of widescreen LCD High Definition TVs. This flat-panel has a built-in HDTV tuner. This means that adding on an HD-capable antenna will enable the user to pick up high definition broadcasts, where available. The ultraslim design of this unit, as well the fact that it is wall mountable, make it an easy addition to a home entertainment system. The mounting kit is an optional add-on. The 3:2 pulldown ratio makes for smooth transfer of film-based sources to television. For the purposes of a home entertainment system, this is essential for watching movies. To that same end, the 6.5 ms response time makes fast scenes come through clearly, without blurring. This TV is efficient and not costly, though like its low-cost counterparts, many of the features of this product require add-ons to function.

  • 3D Y/C digital comb filter
  • Tabletop stand
  • Weighs 45.6 pounds with stand, 38.9 pounds without
  • Remote included 
  • Two 12W stereo speakers
  • V-chip parental controls
  • Energy Star rated
  • Channel labeling
  • Closed captioning setting
  • 4 HDMI inputs  



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