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The InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 is a digital light projection projector sitting in the mid-range of InFocus' lineup.

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Deinterlacing and upscaling are top notch

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Well priced for the specs and picture quality

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Fan can be noisy

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The InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 is a digital light projection projector sitting in the mid-range of InFocus' lineup. Using Texas Intruments' third generation DarkChip3 technology, the 7210 boasts a contrast ratio of 2800:1, and 1100 lumens which make the projector watchable in low light situations. At a native resolution of 720p a screen size of over 100 inches is possible while retaining a high quality picture. The standout features for the 7210 are the contrast ratio, the Carl Zeiss lens, the high end scaler, and the high speed color wheel.

InFocus includes a Faroudja FLI2310 DCDi chipset for deinterlacing, and upscaling video content. This chipset is at the higher end of what's available in consumer electronics eliminating the need for upscaling in your DVD player.

The 5x speed color wheel has seven different color segments. The higher speed and larger number of colors reduce what's known as the "rainbow" or "strobing" effect. This occurs in a small segment of the population who are sensitive to DLP technology and can ruin the entire watching experience by causing nausea.

InFocus caters to the AV tweaker with built in color grids that allow you to perform picture calibration and adjustments without the need for a special DVD or tools. The remote control is densely packed with dedicated buttons for four of the most common input sources, and buttons for direct access for adjusting brightness and contrast without having to navigate the menu.

  • Component x 2
  • Composite x 1
  • D5 x 1
  • M1-DA x 1*
  • RS-232 x 1
  • S-Video x 2
  • VGA x 1

*M1-DA is a proprietary InFocus port that carries video, data and power. The port is HDCP compatible, meaning it works with HDMI or DVI video but requires the purchase of a separate adapter.

For a higher quality alternative at this price level check out the Panasonic PT-AX100U. InFocus also manufactures the IN72; a lower priced value projector that emphasizes size, portability, at the expense of features and resolution.

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