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The Infinity Primus P363 is a midrange floorstanding loudspeaker that uses a bevy of advanced technologies.

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Bass presence is suitable for most genres - external subwoofer will not be required by most users

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Fantastic overall quality for the price point - power handling and build quality are on-par with many units that are twice as expensive

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Functions similarly to studio monitors - frequency response is relatively flat, and therefore conducive to outboard EQing

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Sound output is clear and balanced - spoken word content is reproduced especially well

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Fairly underwhelming when playing back high-quality/lossless audio - tends choke the music, or reproduce it in a "boxy" fashion

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Large, towering nature is not ideal for many home theater configurations - users with pets and children must be extra careful, as the units may tip easily

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Very, very heavy - tough to maneuver/rearrange after initial setup

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The Infinity Primus P363 is a midrange floorstanding loudspeaker that uses a bevy of advanced technologies to outperform its more budget-friendly competitors. Featured are two 6.5” bass drivers, a single 4” midrange driver, and one ¾” hi-frequency driver. More importantly, the P363 speaker uses acoustical waveguides to ensure a wider frequency response (38Hz-20kHz), low-resonance enclosures to ensure the speaker’s overall tonal balance aren’t altered, and a Metal Matrix Diaphragm (MMD) to improve sonic accuracy. Together these components work with precision crossover networks and patented MMD transducers to provide audio almost comparable to premium-grade speakers, though this can only be achieved by matching the P363 speakers with a comparable amplifier.

  • 3-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker
  • 6.5” MMD Low-Frequency Drivers (x2)
  • 4” MMD Midrange Driver (x1)
  • ¾” MMD Hi-Frequency Driver (x1)
  • Five-Way Binding Posts
  • Low Resonance Enclosures
  • Tweeter Waveguides
  • Precision Crossover
  • MMD Transducers
  • 38Hz-20kHz Frequency
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