The lightweight and compact design allows you to conveniently carry the monitor around the house.

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Two Way Communication

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Designed as an upgrade to the DXR-5, the DXR-5+ offers more features than ever. You can fine-tune system settings such as VOX sensitivity and time delay, video saturation, night vision modes, and more. Audio alert warnings (beeping noise) can now be toggled off.

The lightweight and compact design allows you to conveniently carry the monitor around the house. Wireless video/audio transmission logic has been enhanced to alleviate Wifi interference and signal drop outs, which commonly occurs amongst 2.4GHz baby monitors.

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  • Silicone bumper guard provides protection against bumps, drops, and shock
  • Second generation 2.4GHz FHSS digital transmission. Signal stability greatly improved
  • Ultra smooth video at 30 frames per second with no lag and down time displayed on a 2.4" TFT LCD color screen
  • Features such as two-way talk, sound activated LEDs, auto-mute (cuts out static and white noise), VOX, invisible night vision IR lights, audio-only mode, and more
  • Energy efficient portable monitor powered by high performance NiMH batteries
  • Infrared night vision LEDs are now completely invisible. Toggle night vision modes between auto, on and off
  • View two channels simultaneously. Requires 2 or more camera units. Audio will only be transmitted from One camera unit
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it compatible with a smart phone?

    No, this product does not operate in lieu with smartphones/tablets/PCs etc. It operates by itself only.

  • Will it turn off without warning if it was in standby & the battery died?

    Audio alerts can be customized under menu options. You can choose the scenarios where you want the 'beeping noise' such as out-of-range or low battery. Some users may not want the warning. You can manually toggle it on/off.

  • I have a DXR-5 model camera, can i sync that camera to this unit?

    No. The DXR-5 and DXR-5+ monitor/camera units are not compatible with each other.

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