A best seller in the U. S. It features durable design and the tortilla warmer comes pre-seasoned for your convenience.

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IMUSA Cast Iron Tortilla warmer is a best seller in the U.S. It features durable design and the tortilla warmer comes pre-seasoned for your convenience.

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  • Sturdy handle
  • Traditional style
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a glass top stove, will this Cast-Iron Tortilla press work on this type of surface, how does it heat? Is it electric?

    No it is only a press other words just shaps the need to roll the dough out into little balls...then can cook the tortillas in a frying soon as you see bubbles flip over and cook the other side....they cook very quickly....hope this helps.

  • My tortillas keep sticking to the plastic. The top plastic always come away beautifully but the bottom plastic sticks and tortillas tear, Help?

    In my experience, this happens when I make my dough too wet. Try cutting back on the water a little. Alternately, you can add some fat to your masa... I like lard or butter... and that'll help keep it from sticking. I use 1/2 to 1 tbsp fat per cup of masa flour... experiment.

  • Imusa Victoria Tortilla Press: Has anyone been able to get flour tortillas thin enough using this press or is it just for corn tortillas?

    This kind of heavy tortila presses are great for making corn tortillas, and many use them to make burger patties too, but they were never intended to be used for flour tortillas, you could use them to start giving shape to the dough, but would need to finish the job with a roller pin. Or, you could use an electrical tortilla press, the same thing but with some electrical resistances to heat the plates while pressing and cook the tortillas, and is quite heavy too so it can be used for making corn tortillas when unpluged too. I have not look for them here yet, but just saw some flat bread/tortilla makers that must use the same principle. Update! I just saw it here, the same electrical flour tortilla maker I growed up with. Just a word of caution: this press is heated for making the flour tortillas only, and they get only pre-cooked, must be put on a griddle to be fully cooked. It can also be used for making corn tortillas of course, but only unplugged and using plastic sheets on the two sides, just like the other presses.

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