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The iMM153 is a mid-range iPod alarm clock from iLuv.

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Blue LED panel isn't too bright - great for darkened bedrooms

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compatible with the most recent iPod touch and iPod nano

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unique "bed shaker" vibration alarm mode - great for heavy sleepers

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only includes a minimal setup guide - users must visit the website to get the full manual

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AAA batteries can only be used for maintaining the time - not for music playback

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doesn't fully support the iPhone - only controls available are volume up/down and prev./next track

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unintuitive dim controls - users must cycle through 9 levels to reach the desired setting

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extremely muddy bass - needs to be reduced for most music genres

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iTouch is too topheavy to stay connected for very long before falling over

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The iMM153 is a mid-range iPod alarm clock from iLuv. Integrated speakers, a universal dock, and an FM tuner allow users to wake to an iPod, radio, or buzzer. The iMM153 is unique in that it also includes a vibrating 'bed shaker', which can be placed under a pillow to wake heavy sleepers. The LCD display features a dimmer function with 10 steps. For use with non-iPod MP3 players, the device includes an AUX input, but only docked iPods can be recharged. The iMM153 is available in black and white.

  • Universal iPod dock
  • FM tuner
  • Wake to iPod, radio, buzzer, or bed shaker
  • Charges docked iPod
  • LCD display
  • 10-step dimmer
  • AUX input
  • 10 radio station presets
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01/07/2011 10:52

I just got the iLuv speaker and shaker alarm (iMM153) for my birthday, and i was very excited to use it with my iTouch. The first night i had it, i set the alarm and the next morning it woke me up using both the shaker and it also played my iTouch. Later that day I was listening to my iTouch playing through the iLuv speakers (btw my ITouch seemed to topheavy to stay on the iLuv without disconecting or falling off) at one point i tripped on the cord (which is really to short) and the iLuv fell 2 feet onto my carpet. Now it can still use the alarm and shaker and radio, however my iTouch cannot play through the speakers and there's somethings ratteling inside the iLuv. If you are looking for a good way to wake up, then the shaker does really work, however if u are lookign for somethign to play your iPod on, i would definetly look else where.



07/11/2011 09:22

I don't get this post at all. Firstly everything is good, then you trip over the unit and break it, then you complain its not as good now that you have broken it? Are you from America by any chance?

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