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The i399 is a mid-range 2.1 iPod audio system from iLuv.

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Included remote control is excellent - considerably sturdier than the i199 remote with most prompts registering upon the first press

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BluePin adapter offers full compatibility of Bluetooth devices - ideal for streaming audio content from a smartphone, tablet or network storage device

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FM radio is highly functional - allows users to locate and store their favorite stations, with a variety of preset EQ options for optimal listening

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Built-in subwoofer considerably increases sound quality - audio is round, balanced and louder overall

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Lacks many major elements of the cheaper iLuv i199 model - CD player, USB port and alarm clock functions are all absent

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Requires 8 D-cell batteries for portable use - sure to get very expensive for users who plan to take the unit on camping and similar outdoor environment trips

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Speakers may produce an audible buzz when an iDevice is attached - likely to intensify when the unit's backlight is triggered

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Rhythmic LED lights are fairly pointless - responsive patterns provide more tackiness than functionality

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The i399 is a mid-range 2.1 iPod audio system from iLuv. It plays music from a docked iPod, and features an FM radio tuner with 20 presets, but lacks the alarm clock function of many iLuv models. The i399 is also a universal dock, charging the device and enabling TV output for video-capable iPods. A step up from the i398, it features BluePin technology, which adds compatibility with Bluetooth MP3 players and other devices, enabling wireless music playback and transmission to nearby Bluetooth speakers and headphones. A built-in microphone enables wireless speakerphone capabilities. The iLuv i399 is available only in black.

  • 2.1 output
  • iPod universal dock
  • Digital FM tuner
  • 20 presets
  • BluePin technology (Bluetooth v2.0)
  • Built-in microphone
  • Video out
  • AUX input
  • LCD display
  • Beat-sensitive mood light
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