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The iLive IS809B is a wireless iPod docking station featuring an iPod dock and two wireless speakers.

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remote works from anywhere in the house

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fairly easy setup process, not very complicated

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provides full, rich sound output

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tends to stop working properly after playing for a few hours

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difficult to contact the company for technical support

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frequent electrical issues with the base just not drawing any power after the first use

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sensitive connections can't handle being bumped without disconnecting

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The iLive IS809B is a wireless iPod docking station featuring an iPod dock and two wireless speakers. The dock utilizes a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter that directs audio content to the speakers, so long as they are within range (see specifications). Included on the dock is an auxiliary input for hooking up either an iPod shuffle or other audio devices, such as an MP3 player. And the dock also hosts the necessary functions—such as play/pause, skip, etc.—to operate the iPod. Or if that seems inconvenient, the user can instead rely on the system’s infrared remote control. Additional notable aspects of the iLive IS809B include a digital clock, independent volume controls for each speaker, and advanced hi-fi sound output.

  • Wireless iPod Docking Station
  • iPod Dock + 2 Wireless Speakers
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Transmission
  • Auxiliary Input (MP3/iPod Shuffle)
  • iPod Control via Dock
  • iPod Control via IR Remote
  • Digital Clock
  • Advanced Hi-Fi Sound
  • Line-of-Sight Range: 200’
  • Omni-directional Range: 90’
  • Stereo AUX: 3.5mm
  • Dock Power: AC
  • Speaker Power: AC or 6 “D” Batteries
Post Review
05/19/2011 09:48

Documentation says you can add up to 20 speakers. I had 2 and bought 2 more. Couldn't get the 2 new ones to sync. Called their tech support and got India. She told me to ;try a few more times' and then finally said, "the speakers only work with the base station they came with, you can't add anymore'. I'm becoming livid with this company.

This Sucks
01/07/2011 12:48

Same thing happened to us. Shust off and won't work. Reset does not work. Warranty is crap. DO NOT BUY.

11/26/2010 09:17

After working once, it stopped working and reset does not work at all. The email Address on their website does not work. The tech support says I have to pay 50 to repair. Give me a break. Never buy

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