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The iLive IB319 is a portable music system that can be used to charge or play music from an iPod device.

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Basic design makes it easy to use even for those not technically inclined.

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Remote control sports decent range and all necessary playback control.

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Decent iPod and CD audio quality for the price point.

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CD door is awkward to deal with--opening and closing is a bit more difficult than it should be.

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Plugging into an outlet when running from battery power turns the unit off.

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A low-level hiss is clearly audible in all playback modes when the volume is low.

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Very poor radio reception--everything comes through a bit staticky.

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The iLive IB319 is a portable music system that can be used to charge or play music from an iPod device.  The system features a top-loading CD player that is compatible with CD-R discs and offers repeat and skip functionality.  It is designed with a white backlit LCD display, digital volume controls, and has built-in stereo speakers.  The IB319 includes a built-in AM/FM radio with digital tuning and station presets.   It also has an AUX input for connecting other media devices as well as a headphone jack for private listening.   The system comes with iPod docking brackets for compatibility with various iPod devices and a full function remote control for controlling the CD player or a docked iPod.

  • Play & Charge Functionality
  • White Backlit LCD Display
  • Digital Volume Controls
  • Built-in AM/FM Radio with Digital Tuning
  • Top-Loading CD Player with CD-R Compatibility
  • Built-in Dual Speakers
  • Comes with iPod Docking Brackets
  • Comes with Full Function Remote Control
  • Inputs: AUX Input, Headphone Jack
  • Power: A/C or Battery Operated
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