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The Ikea MANSTAD is a small sectional sofabed.


extra storage space in the end-section

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no support bar that usually creates an uncomfortable sleeping experience

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Armrests are a bit stiff.

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After about 90 days of use super uncomfortable sofa bed for sleeping

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Portions of the sofa sinks after time

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Sofa catches so much lent

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The Ikea MANSTAD is a small sectional couch. It was created for a small apartment because it provides storage and a sofa bed.  Unlike many sofa beds there is no uncomfortable bar to ruin your good night's sleep.  As a couch the cushions are a bit firm, like most Ikea couchs, but they are perfect for a bed. 

The cushions are not removable so make sure you scotch guard it as soon as you get it home.  The dark blue version tends to show a lot of dirt and can be difficult to clean if liquid or odor penetrates the cushions.

Key features
  • Sofa, chaise and double bed in one
  • Extra storage space in the end section - a perfect space for bed linens
  • The pull-out unit is covered in the same fabric as the sofa; pulls out to make a generous chaise.
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Bull Moose
02/03/2013 10:03

Much more comfortable than traditional bedding. Wish it was portable for winter camping!

12/05/2012 11:37

I've owned this sofa for 4 days and plan to return it because of the strong chemical smell. It is overwhelming and I get a mild headache after sitting on the sofa for 10 minutes.

03/16/2012 08:54

Where can I get this sofa

12/31/2008 05:04

I really like the look/functionality of this sectional. Does anyone know how the sofa bed functionality works?



07/26/2011 08:06

This is a TERRIBLE product... As mentioned above, after 90 days "uncomfortable" but NOT only for sleeping... this product has defective cushions... While the chaise & pull out portions of the couch remain firm, the sofa portion suffers a major transition in firmness within a mere 90 days. Return of this "defective" merchandise has proven a traumatizing task! A total of 5 weeks has past since I contacted Ikea about the problem (after 96 days of use as a sofa - 4 days of use as a sofa-bed) AND I STILL HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO COORDINATE A RETURN! Ikea Brooklyn, NY has a Better Business Bureau rating of F - there is NO ONE to HELP once you purchase this poor quality, defective merchandise.

Customer care is NON-EXISTENT at Ikea! I have been in touch with "Customer Relations Manager - Julie (in PA), Customer Advisor Marshal (in MD), Resolutions Advisor Janelle (in MD) and 11 different email staffers from "customer care" - email is randomly responded to by "whoever" happens to open email that day. There are NO CASE MANAGERS - this company allows it's managers NOT to answer phone messages (all good and well - in 5 weeks I only left 2) but with a case number, 3 telephone numbers to return my calls... NO ONE CALLS BACK!

This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had!

Terrible product - terrible service - BUYER BEWARE!!!

Check, check and double check your store and research your merchandise. I spent over $3000 at Ikea in one day - and if I could load all of it into a truck and deliver each and every piece of it back I would.

I will never do business with this company again!



12/22/2011 07:03

I am in paris I wanted to by one but afer reading your message I just don't wanna by one anymore!!! So thanks...



12/05/2012 02:00

Is your beef with the product or company?

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