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The Benno series TV unit from IKEA is one of the least expensive dedicated TV stands that IKEA sells, only the unit in the LACK


casters make moving the unit extremely easy which is great for making modifications to the setup

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very affordable

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height between shelves is enough for pretty much any standard sized components, including receivers

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ample amount of shelf space for holding lots of equipment

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dark wood color looks quite classy

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Sturdy enough for most LCD tvs

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particle board construction means you have to be careful with the weight of your components

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casters can make the system move around when you don't want to if you're not careful

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The Benno series TV unit from IKEA is one of the least expensive dedicated TV stands that IKEA sells, only the unit in the LACK series is less expensive. This unit is 46" wide which should be big enough to accommodate most flat panel televisions. IKEA's maximum load rating is 66lbs which is sufficient for most LCD televisions, however some of the bigger plasmas and CRT displays may be too heavy. There are three shelves in total that can't be moved, though the middle shelf could be omitted from installation to give extra room. TV specific features include an opening in the back of the unit which allows for easier cable management, alongside casters (wheels) which allow your entire entertainment system to move around easily.

  • 3 shelving units
  • particleboard material
  • casters for easy mobility
  • Dimensions
    • Width: 46 1/2 "
    • Depth: 16 1/2"
    • Height 20 1/8"
  • Maximum load: 66 lb
Post Review
12/17/2009 02:10

When I moved into my new place I wanted to get a new TV stand for my home theater setup. I had very specific requirements:

1) Shelves had to be high enough to accommodate my receiver
2) enough shelf space for all my equipment
3) open back for easier cable management
4) at least three levels so my center channel speaker doesn't have to be on the same level as the TV
5) set my TV at a good height level, not too high, not too low
6) be easy to setup, no complicated mounting, etc.
7) affordable

The Benno stand fits all of these criteria and goes above and beyond with the casters, and actually being extremely affordable at just $100. The IKEA LACK stand was the other one I considered and that was $80, but only had 2 shelves, wasn't as sturdy, didn't have much shelf space. It just wasn't an option. Fortunately I saw this unit in the show room and it was pretty much perfect for me, at just $20 more too!

Compared to other units that run hundreds of dollars, I just don't think the extra money is worth it. Fine, it might not look as "slick" or be as sturdy for a big 50" plasma, but for my needs this is probably one of the best buys I made for my new apartment. Highly recommended.



08/03/2013 01:54

Thank you, very helpful to know!

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