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The IKEA Hopen is a 6 Drawer Chest.


Frosted doors add to the style of the unit

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Modern looking

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Easy to assemble

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Relatively easy to install

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Handles loosen over time

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 The IKEA Hopen is a 6 Drawer Chest.  It has smooth running drawers with a pull-out stop. It is available in a light pine, brown or black wood finish.  The drawers have tempered glass giving the set a window-pane appearance but remaining semi-opaque for content privacy. The IKEA Hopen can hold the KOMPLEMENT or SKUBB box set of 6. This is a set of small boxes to keep socks, belts and accessories in order within the Hopen drawers.  The total package is built to keep cabinets and drawers completely organized.  The drawer chest wipes clean with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.  The glass can be cleaned with glass cleaner or a damp cloth, and both can be wiped dried with a clean cloth.

  • Smooth Running Drawers
  • Pull-Out Stop
  • Keeps clothing and accessories organized 
  • Tempered Glass Drawer Panes
  • Build to use with KOMPLEMENT or SKUBB drawer organizer box set of 6
  • Available in three colors: light pine, brown and black 
  • Cleans Easily
  • Includes Instruction Manual 
Post Review
01/07/2013 07:46

i had the same problem and now it is completely useless. not happy

01/05/2013 01:56

I have the same problem. I got the same one and now all the drawers don't stay on track. I had it for four months and now it is useless.

02/29/2012 11:54

I bought this from Ikea last week. Put it together (took about 4 hours). I finally got all the drawers in and in place after the bottom piece of wood completely broke. Seemed sturdy at the store and when it was put together seemed sturdy enough. I put a few socks and shirts in it (not overloaded) and the drawers began to fall, the alignment on the wheels is horrible and don't stay on the track. It looked so nice, but it's true when the say you get what you pay for.

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