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The IKEA Rykene Bed is a lower mid-cost offering.


Easy to assemble- can be done in about 20 minutes

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Simple design does not look out of place in most bedrooms

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Easy to break down and put back together if your planning on moving

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Affordable- inexpensive way to get a stylish IKEA bed

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You don't need a box spring with this frame

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Adjustable to fit mattress's of different sizes

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Looks good with mattress's and sheets of any color

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Not the best quality wood

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Came with 7 holes that were not pre-drilled

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Can wobble a little when you move around in it

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Vague instructions.

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The IKEA Rykene Bed is a lower mid-cost offering. IKEA promotes this bed frame as having a classic look. This is thanks to the solid pine construction of this bed frame, which is geared toward durability, as well as keeping the cost down. This bed frame is made for use with IKEA's slatted bed base (sold seperately), which allows you to adjust the position and height of the mattress (which is also sold seperately). As far as size goes, you can use this bed frame with either full/double mattresses or queen mattresses. To clean the Rykene Bed, IKEA recommends using a damp cloth with a mild cleaner on it.    

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  • Main parts/ Bedside: Solid pine, Stain, Clear acrylic lacquer
  • Rail: Solid pine, Solid pine, Stain, Clear acrylic lacquer
  • Midbeam: Solid pine
  • Metal tube: Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
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  • Slatted bed base sold seperately
  • Mattress sold seperately
  • Bed linens sold seperately
  • Weight: 47lbs.
  • Solid pine construction
  • Steel tubing
  • 38.25 " headboard height
  • Color: Wood Grain
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Size Options

Full/Double - $119.99, 78.12" x 61" x 13", 74.37" mattress length, 53.12" mattress width
Queen - $149.99, 82.62" x 68.12" x 13", 79.5" mattress length, 60" mattress width
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