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IKEA Malm bed is an aesthetically pleasing, straight-line, classic Scandinavian design, assembly is straightforward.


very simple, contemporary design

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easy to assemble and disassemble

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feels very solid

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two height options for the mattress to sit in

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have it in birch. clean and simple design

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Assembles well after two moves (just tighten all screws etc), sleek, tidy looking. I can't believe people don't think of getting the slats! Great ledge all the way around for phones, air con remotes

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It's cheap, modern and easy to assemble.

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I've been sleeping on this thing for almost 3 years with no issues. Those that say the supports broke or bent most likely just didn't know how to assemble the product in the first place.

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good for anyone

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the bed collapsed in less than a year, shitty wood

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laminate can start to peel off

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slats may be needed if you have a boxspring

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there's very little clearance between the mattress and the frame, so if you pick the lowest height for the platform it's hard to make the bed.

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You can bang your shin on it, as the corner protrude.

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headboard is a little low

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The worst bed on the planet if you are planning on having coitus. Recommended for the deceased and those in a coma.

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only with high bed-head

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An aesthetically pleasing, straight-line, classic Scandinavian design. The assembly is straightforward and instructions easy to read. It comes in several veneer color finishes and starts at a $99 for a single and $199 for King size. Because of this low price and the broad appeal of IKEA, this bed is a very popular choice. Some owners have complained of knocking their shins on the frame because of it's low unorthodox profile.

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  • Real wood veneer will make this bed age gracefully.
  • Adjustable bed sides allow you to use mattresses of different thicknesses.
  • Made primarily from renewable and recyclable materials
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  • Bed frame: Renewable raw material (wood). Veneer - not from intact natural forests.
  • Slatted bed base: Renewable raw material (wood). Solid wood - not from intact natural forests.
  • Bed frame: Fiberboard, Particleboard, Birch veneer, Clear acrylic lacquer, Birch veneer
  • Bed base slats: 100 % polyester, Solid pine
  • Midbeam: Galvanized steel
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Color Options

  • Birch Veneer
  • Black-Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • White Stained Oak Veneer
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Size Options

  • Full - 79.13" x 59.05" /201 cm x 151 cm, Footboard height:11.75"/ 30cm, Headboard height: 30.37"/77cm, Mattress length: 74.37" / 189cm, Mattress width: 53.13" 135cm
  • King - 83.5" x 82.25" / 212cm x 209cm, Footboard height: 11.75"/30cm, Headboard height: 30.13 "/77cm, Mattress length: 79.5"/202cm, Mattress width: 76"/193cm
  • Queen - 83.87" x 66.5" / 213cm x 169cm, Footboard height: 11.75 "/30cm, Headboard height: 30.37"/77cm, Mattress length: 79.5"/202cm, Mattress width: 59.87"/152cm
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  • Slatted bed base and mattress sold separately.
  • SKORVA midbeam is needed for this product. It is included in the price but is picked up separately.
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Care Instructions

  • Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.
  • Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
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01/10/2013 05:03

I purchased this bed for both my son and daughter. My daughters bed is fine: however, my son's bed frame cracked and the head board in leaning forward. The bed cracked solely because 3 teenage boys weighing about 115lbs each were sitting on it (I was in the room when it happened). I have had the bed for about 8 months. I am very dissatisfied and have called Ikea about a warranty. I was told they do not have one and I have to bring the bed into the store and they may exchange it for me but no one will give me a definitive answer. I have to disassemble the bed and bring it in before they will tell me. Will update my comment after I have addressed the issue.

Ikea Ca
07/23/2012 03:52

So here is what we found with this King size bed, I hope it helps before you make the same mistake. As you may have read already, you MUST get the slats. They asked us and we didn't know, so he said "do you have a box spring" and we said "yes". We didn't know that this particular box spring comes in 2 pieces. Without the slats, the only thing holding the box springs is a tiny ledge on either side and sturdy mid beam. But if that box spring moves even 1/2 inch, it falls through. So you need those slats to keep it level. We went back to Ikea and got the slats. Problem solved.

10/15/2011 02:49

is this a full bed or a queen bed? i am so confused!~!!!



10/17/2011 01:42

The Malm bed comes in full, queen and king.

09/11/2011 12:04

Man. I LOVE mine from Ikea. Had it for ever one year, still feels very sturdy, looks classy. Love the low to the ground feel. Extremely good bargain.

07/04/2011 08:10

Bought and brought home yesterday. Opened up the box and there was a big puncture in the laminate. Wow, this is some cheap garbage.



09/03/2011 08:25

we just bought it recently and the bottom started to fall of. no wonder its on sale for only $99 at IKEA. buying was i big mistake as per our experience

03/14/2011 05:32

I purchased the bed in ikea 2 years ago ,but the bed is broken yesterday.
ikea customer servise told me no warranty for you are unlucky.
ikea is bad servise ,bad furniture ,never perchse any in ikea



09/17/2011 10:11

To Anonymous - As much as I hate grammar and spelling mistakes, I think in this case your comments were not necessary. I am on this page looking for comments about beds I am considering purchasing from Ikea. His comment was what I needed to know, and it did not make any change in my buying decision based on his spelling. Now if there are words spelled wrong in public - you better believe I am calling someone about it. And I must add, your first comment to him did not start with the appropriate capital letter or ending punctuation ... so you might want to hurry or you will be late for that class. :)



09/19/2011 09:58

Agreed. It's been deleted.

02/14/2011 11:30

Inexpensive, but requires the slats and the steel center support which is extra. The plastic laminate surface is very delicate, so you will scratch it if you drag your box spring across the surface while you are trying to position it into place. Metal end supports are very weak. Box spring has already fallen through on one end already and bent the metal. I don't recommend moving the bed with the mattress in place because it will weaken the joints. The entire bed is made of LDF particleboard so its not very durable. The HOPEN end tables look good with the bed as long as you can get them in the same color.

12/05/2010 04:13

I am interested in knowing if the mattress for the Malm series was purchased through IKEA or did folks go to an outside vendor. I am looking for the best place to buy a comfortable mattress for a reasonable price. While I realize that there are chains, specifically, the location is Emory in Atlanta. Should anybody answer from that area and have a specific mattress place recommendation, I would appreciate that.

02/28/2010 10:56

I purchased this bed and a brand new mattress from ikea about a year ago. I enjoyed putting it together, love how it looks and think its good product, but i do have one major concern...

I put the mattress directly on top of the slats (no box spring) and have began noticing a significant dip in the middle of the mattress. I do sleep in the middle of the bed, but I weigh only 175 lbs. I've tried flipping the mattress on its other side, but it does the same thing...telling me that its an issue with the setup (not me).

Is anyone else out there experiencing this? Do you all put the mattress directly on the slats or do you use a box spring/mattress combo?

This has really been bothering me and I've been considering selling it on craigslist (although I do like it), so I would really appreciate any suggestions on the matter! Thanks!



11/14/2010 09:00

The problem is the mattress. Did you buy a cheap mattress?



12/21/2010 02:11

Some IKEA mattresses have five zones of firmness. I think the softest one is in the middle.



12/26/2010 06:41

maybe you need a faster modem



01/11/2011 11:39

think it's an issue with the mattress. i put mattress directly on the slats.



01/31/2011 07:01

Just bought an IKEA mattress with a 25 yr warranty. Check Ur warranty they said bring in the mattress and receipt and u get a new one.



02/17/2011 04:38

did you put in the skorva midbeam?



07/02/2011 09:40

midbeam is a must

01/04/2010 05:30

Squeakiness - minimal, but there is some.. it 'could' get worse over time though.

Solid build - Yes,

Dents in your shins - Yes!!! (Now its our spare)

Two height options for the mattress - We go with the higher one, though it looks nicer in the lower position, it sucks changing the sheets as it'll hurt your knuckles

Quality - questionable - Don't think the laminate surface will stay for ever. I its near a window, expect it to peel, if you have it on carpet, you might rip some off while moving it.

it's Cheap, but is it worth it? probably...



02/06/2011 01:14

LOL @ Dents in your shins - YES!!! bahahaha! But thanks! Would've never thought about that till you mentioned it.. & damn I want this bed! :



02/15/2011 02:48

it's a good first bed. but i wouldn't upgrade to it.

laminate peels off. corners are sharp so changing fitted sheets hurt.



04/06/2011 06:21

have got bloody shins, but overall an amazing bed. i have had it for 2 years and it is in mint condition. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

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